Bandit Guard
Bandit Guard
Enemy Information
Race Human
Movement Range 4-tiles
Maximum Attack Range 2

Bandit Guard Edit

Clad head to toe in heavy armor, the Guard is a Juggernaut with a spear that allows them to attack from out of reach.

Battle-Skill Edit

  • Protect: Protect an ally for a turn.
    • Skill Range: 3
    • Cooldown: 2 Turns
  • Passives:
    • Cheat Death: The Bandit has a chance to survive a killing blow with 1 HP.

Behavior in battle Edit

The Bandit Guard charges forward and attacks whoever he can reach. If he or another enemy is wounded, he protects him if in range. Because of his huge defense and amount of HP, he is an extremely tough enemy. Behaves like the player's Guard, only with an increased range of his battle skill.

Tips: Edit

  • Due to small movement range, the Guard can't do any unpredictable moves. It's easy to keep out of range.
  • The damage dealt by a Guard is relatively low, so don't worry if he can attack or counterattack. Just keep your support units away from him.
  • Since the Guard has high  melee and ranged defense, it's recommended to attack him with magic-type attacks.
  • The Guard will prioritize protecting allies who are below half health. Use this to your advantage to make large groups of Guards flee the battle by wounding just one of their allies.
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