Bandit Priest
Avatars-Bandit Priest
Enemy Information
Race Human
Movement Range 4-tiles
Maximum Attack Range 3-tiles

Bandit Priest Edit

Bandit priests are former servants of gaea. Their piety clouded by wealth, they joined the bandits to help them in battle.

Battle-skill Edit

  • Bless: The bandit priest heals another enemy.
    • Skill-range: 5-tiles
    • Skill-cooldown: ?
  • Passives:
    • Cheat Death: The Bandit has a chance to survive a killing blow with 1 HP.

Behavior in-Battle Edit

If there are wounded enemys, the Priest will move back as far as possible to heal them. If there are no wounded enemys, he will charge forward and attack a player. Unlike the player's Healers, the damage he can do should not be underestimated..

Tips: Edit

  • The Priests will mostly stay back during battle. So they aren't a real threat most of the time.
  • When fighting tough enemies (e.g. a boss) try to take down Priests as quickly as possible... Bosses already have enough HP on their own.
  • Try to avoid having weakened units. Bandit Priests can do surprisingly high damage. Never underestimate them.
  • Let Priest be a Priest when he stays back. If he comes into range, use your chance to take him down.
  • In the Whisperwealds forest chapel you will encounter a special Bandit Priest. See Father John for further information.
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