Bandit Sniper
Avatars-Bandit Sniper
Enemy Information
Race Human
Movement Range Unknown

Bandit Sniper Edit

A master in long-range combat, the Bandit Sniper stays one step ahead of her enemies while attacking from across the field with her longbow. May cheat death due to her bandit-nature.

Battle Skill Edit

  • Long Shot: Take careful aim and fire from a long distance
    • Skill range: ??
    • Coodown: ??
  • Passives:
    • Cheat Death: The Bandit has a chance to survive a killing blow with 1 HP.

Behavior in battle Edit

Like the "normal" Sniper, the Bandit Sniper attacks from a very long distance. If the player has a unit with critical HP, the Sniper runs back as far as possible and tries to take this unit out with her Battle Skill - which usually works due to her immense attack.

Tips: Edit

  • Because of their high range, the Sniper's movements are extremely hard to predict. Keep an eye on her or you might encounter an unpleasant surprise.
  • Some campaign stages feature Bandit Snipers of massive strength - make sure to check the OVA when facing one!
  • The Sniper can't counter attacks from directly adjacent units. This makes her vulnerable to melee units. Use it to your advantage, by e.g. also moving a Wizard directly next to her before attacking.
  • As to this unit belongs to the Bandits, she may cheat death. Always have a unit in the back hand to kill her if she subsists.
  • The Sniper will only use her Long Shot skill if an ally is below half health. You can use this to move units just out of her reach without fear of them being sniped.
  • When a Sniper is on the battle try to avoid having units with low HP - even in the back row.
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