The Easter Event is an event that occurs during easter!  After each battle(Any battle, arena, dungeon, or mission) you have a chance to get a Hidden Egg or a Golden egg. Eggs are also obtainible via the vault. Eggs can be exchanged for prizes! 

Event Droprate:

Droprate in dungeon/campain seems to be arround 1/25. 


Droprate in arena seems to be arround 1/50. 

Droprate Switched:

The droprates will swap making Arena drop eggs more then 


dungeons. This will happen 3 times during the event, each lasting 8 hours.

  • April 10 / 3:00 - 1:00 PDT (Over)
  • April 11 / 9:00 - 5:00 PDT (Over)
  • April 12 / 0:00 - 8:00 PDT (Over)
  • April 12 / 8:00 - ?:?? PDT (over) (Server reset extended the switch)


Egg exchange:

3 Hidden Eggs for a normal pack.

3 Golden Eggs for an advanced pack (Advanced pack has a small chance at jester while droprate is switched)

10 Hidden eggs for 1 Golden egg.


Crown exchange:

Vault: 500 crowns for 5 Golden eggs, and 10 Hidden eggs

Roulette: 600 crowns for a random reward, which has a chance at the all new Jester.
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