Big Snow Boss
Enemy Information
Race Snowman?
Movement Range -
Attack Type Magic(?)
Minimum Attack Range 5-Tiles
Maximum Attack Range Whole Map

Big Snow Boss can be found in the 12th floor of the Holiday Village dungeon on both Normal and Hard modes.

Big Snow Boss Edit

A huge pile of snow tainted by a strange magic, the Big Snow Boss is one hell of a snowman.

'Where did he find Carrots big enough for his nose?'

Battle Skill Edit

  • Stomp: Don't get too close..
    • Skill Range: 5-Tiles (From center)
    • Cool-down: 1 Turn
    • Pattern:

Behavior in Battle Edit

The Big Snow Boss cannot move but instead uses his high range to hit heroes anywhere on the map. He uses his Skill whenever there are heroes within his skill range.

Tips: Edit

  • The normal attack is far more powerful than the skill. Not only does it deal splash damage, it also freezes all targets.
  • He cannot counter-attack when attacked from inside his minimum range(5-Tiles) but beware his skill.
  • The 'Stomp' skill can be pretty terrifying if you happen to be under him. The Big guy also seems to love doing it. Use this to your advantage by keeping him occupied with decoys.
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