Blight (Boss)
Enemy Information
Race Mirror/Ursoc
Movement Range Unknown
Maximum Attack Range 1-tile
The Blighty king

Blight Edit

When the Mirror and the Ursoc started working together, they fused their strongest units - Ursoc Alpha and Mirror Lord - into a single creature: The Blight. He combines extreme strength with good defense and lots of health, making him a worthy foe. Blight is the boss of the Northern Wolflands.

Battle-Skill Edit

Blight possesses no battle skill.

Behavior in-Battle Edit

Like the Ursoc Alpha, Blight just storms forward and strikes down the first unit he meets. Due to his enormous stats this seems to be the best tactic for him. When he takes some damage, he uses his battle-Skill to boost himself.

Tips: Edit

  • Blight is a boss - never underestimate his power!
  • Keep in mind he is not alone. Especially the Ursoc Manhunters on the map can crush your tactics by locking you in place. Think about taking them out first.
  • With an attack range of only one tile and small movement range he can easily be avoided. Use this to your advantage.
  • Stunning him is quite helpful.
  • He is fairly weak against magical attacks.
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