The undead are humans (usually) who swore an oath of one kind or another or died with something in their lives unfulfilled. Many were heroes and heroines in times past who sleep restlessly waiting for evil to return. Unfortunately as the years have ground on many have slipped into madness or confusion - they're neutral-ish and most attack friend and foe alike. They're definitely not 'evil' though - and one of the world's gods is served by necromancers. 

Old warriors and magi from a lost age. They're powerful, occasionally malicious and slightly venerated by the living who hope they stay slumbering. Several of the more powerful undead (in the game) were famous heroes or heroines who still retain semblance of their old glory. Their maliciousness is sort of 'I judge this modern world and I judge it weak!' - they speak in rattling voices with lots of thees and thous.

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