Corrupted Ursoc
Avatars-Corrupt Basher
Enemy Information
Race Ursoc
Movement Range 3-Tiles
Maximum Attack Range 1-Tile

Corrupted Ursoc Edit

The ursoc were not unifluenced by the mirror's intrusion into the depths of frosthelm caverns - those who dared to come too close to the infested core, were infected by the mirror, gaining massive strenght. They usually fight alongside mirror troops.

Battle Skill Edit

  • Skull Smash: The Basher pounds a hero into the ground, stunning it for 1 turn.
    • Skill Range: 1-Tile
    • Cool-down: 3 Turns

Behavior in battle Edit

The Corrupted Ursoc behaves just like the Ursoc Basher, slowly walking towards the closest hero and swinging away. They save their Skull Smash for wounded units.

Tips: Edit

  • With a short range and little mobility, archers are excellent for whittling him down from just outside of his reach.
  • Try not to get hit. Their attack can kill almost everything with only one hit!
  • Due to their massive damage, corrupted ursoc are perfect GB chargers - just place a runestone in front of them and enjoy a free GB without loosing a troop
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