Crumbling Wall
Enemy Information
Race Stone
Movement Range -
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Crumbling WallEdit

Walls are pieces of terrain that can be destroyed to let you advance through a game. These wall apears in Black Powder Tower dungeons.

Battle-Skill Edit

Crumbling Wall possesses no battle skill.

Behavior in-BattleEdit

The Crumbling wall does not move and acts as a door with health.  Enemies can pass through Crumbling Wall, but your units cannot. To get through the wall you have to knock it down. Crumbling Wall does not attack, but it does have health that changes depending on it's level.


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  • Because this wall acts like a creature, you cannot walk or summon on top of it.
  • Crumbling Wall can only be attacked from ground level.
  • Like from other enemies, the Thieves can steal from the Walls. And since they do not retaliate, it's a good and easy way to make more coins.
  • Their destruction is necessary to pass the level. Bombardiers do high damage against these stone types.
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