Death Knight

Death Knight
Undead-Death Knight.jpg
Enemy Information
Race Undead
Movement Range 3-tiles
Maximum Attack Range 1-Tiles

Death Knight

The mightiest heroes fallen in the first war lay burried in Tombs. If an unaware traveler disturbs them, they arise to protect the place of their rest with their mighty hammer.


  • Death wave: The Death Knight gathers spirits in his hammer and unleashes a wave damaging heroes in an area around him. Damage is focused on one target.
    • Skill-Range: 1-tile (+damaging all heroes up to 2-tiles away)
    • Cooldown: ??
    • Pattern:

Behavior in-Battle

The death knight walks towards your heroes as fast as he can (which is sloooooooooooow). When he reaches your heroes, he attacks support-units if in reach (what is not very likely to happen) or just hits the front unit (most cases). If there are multiple units next to him, he unleashes his battle-Skill, dealing massive damage.


  • The Death Knight is one of the strongest non-boss type enemys in the game. Keep this in mind when meeting one of them.
  • Due to his massive defense, he almost takes no damage from physical attacks. Even less from ranged attacks as to he is undead.
  • The damage he deals (no matter if with his battle skill or normal attack) is HUGE. Try not be be hit. A halberdier might be a good choice to prevent attacks.
  • Magic attackers can do good damage agains him. Just keep them save or they go down with one hit of his hammer!
  • A warrior is highly recommended - he can decrease his massive attack and defense at once.
  • When you beat one Death Knight, the next isn't far in most cases. Check the whole map before battle.
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