Dungeons are divided into Floors of 3 battles, with 4-5 floors per dungeon (12-15 battles total), though the Temple of the Bear God has 3 floors plus a "Boss" floor (10 battles total). In the first three dungeons, players take in 4 Heroes (instead of the usual 6), making for faster battles and putting more emphasis on which heroes you choose. Temple of the Bear God still allows the player to bring the usual 6 Heroes. Rewards are earned every 3rd floor, with a special “Dungeon Pack” unlocked on the last floor of the Dungeon. The best part about dungeons is that they reset once per week, on a pre-set day.

Temple of bear god

Soon we are going have a dungeon for every area (along with limited time ‘Event’ Dungeons), but for now there are dungeons for the first four areas of the game; The Hidden Crypts Wizard Tower (Summerlands), Splintertusk Village The Crypt Warrens (Mid Vale), Frosthelm Caverns (Wolflands), and Temple of the Bear God (Stormfur Bay). 

Every Dungeon also features a ‘Hard’ mode geared towards Champion-Legendary teams, unlocked when a player has at least one Champion hero. 

Every Dungeon also features a 'Night Mirror' mode, geared towards Legendary teams, unlocked along with 'Hard' mode, but considerably more challenging due to tougher enemies, and 'Night Mirror' abilities on enemies. 

Players in guilds can use the ‘Top Unit’ of their friends for Dungeon Battles, each Hero once per 48 hours. These Heroes do not gain experience after battle or take damage, but also give you a chance to try out different combinations even if you have wounded Heroes in your team. 

Current Dungeons:
Dungeon Location
Wizard Tower The Summerlands
Crypt Warrens Midvale
Frosthelm Caverns The Wolflands
Temple of the Bear God Stormfur Bay

Dungeon Packs: At the end of each dungeon, players get a dungeon pack which may contain a King stone(any rank), a random hero, a bag of coins or a stash of crowns varying probably with the dungeon and it's difficulty. One player's Dungeon Pack data can be found here.

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