As you battle to try and save the Eastern Kingdoms you’ll encounter a number of enemies trying just as hard to ruin your plans. Some human, some plain monstrous.

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Beast-Kin Edit

Beast-kin are savage and brutal beings that care for nothing but themselves. Each of their tribe being a mixture of humans and one particular breed of creature.

Thought to be created by the Gods of an olden age, the beast-men once were noble warriors and scholars... until, the power of Man grew enough to suppress that of gods. The old temples now lay in ruins and their old ways lost among the vastness of time...

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Jackals Edit

Snowy Jackals Edit

Ursoc Edit

Southpaw Ursoc Edit

Stone Warriors Edit

Molten Army Edit

Bandits and Thieves Edit

Numerous groups of displaced men and women have taken to raiding their hapless neighbours with many forming permanent and deadly gangs complete with crude banners and names such as ‘the White Eye Boys’,  ‘The Laughing Girls’ and ‘the Dozen Blades’.

Many of these groups are based near the Border between the Summerlands and the forested kingdom of Trelis. A sprawling kingdom of dark forests and isolated communities, Trelis has long been a place where men and women go to vanish or start new lives.  Over the years many of its cities have become notorious warrens and centres for thievery and smuggling. The most noticeable and dangerous is the infamous Coin Vaults; a crumbling city that squats on the banks of the White Cascades, the only river route between the northern mountains and the eastern sea. If the bandit gangs have a home, the Vaults in all its rotting, gold gilded glory would be it.

It should be noted that all the bandits have the Cheat Death ability available to your champion Thief and Rouge. This ability makes it considerably harder to kill the bandits because they don't always die. It is unknown what percentage they have to cheat death.

Other Edit

Among the other terrors that haunt the lands are the 'Undead warriors of the lost age' and the 'mysterious demons of the Mirror'.

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The Mirror Edit

The Undead Edit

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Boss Edit

During your journey, you will encounter are a few opponents who seem a bit bigger and badder than the rest - they have to be defeated to get past the current area.

Event Edit

There are few strange units you come across once in a while. From snowmen to even pumpkin headed skeletons..

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