There are 4 types of events in LHT. An Event typically lasts upto 7 days.

Types of EventsEdit

  • Weekend Events - Normal events during weekends give bonus (Boosting, Healing, Promoting, Sale, Extra Stone etc.) - not mentioned in the chronology..
  • PvP (Arena) - Events like 'Clash of Heroes' and 'Super Guild Brawls' are Player vs Player events having players to battle in arena as normal, except that the points are based on the no. of kills and wins.
  • Special Dungeons - Special Dungeons events have the players ascending towers, killing progressively more difficult enemies to earn points and reward packs.
  • Sub-Campaigns - These are campaign events that occur every once in a while, featuring a new story that deviates from the main questline.

Event ChronologyEdit

(needs a lot more info) it goes from the newest to the oldest..

Name Type Beginning Ending
2015 -> 16
Taverns of Lionheart Dungeon Sep 1 Sep 5
Bombardier's Tower Invaded Dungeon June 13 June (?)
Christmas... in May?! Dungeon May 29 June 02
Clash of Heroes Arena May 08 May 12
Poisoner's Lair Dungeon May 01 May 03
Black Powder Tower Dungeon Apr 17 April 21
Belated Easter Special Apr 09 April 16 
Temple of the Bear God Dungeon Mar 27 Mar 31
Flamemancer's Return Dungeon Mar 20 Mar 23
Clash of Heroes Arena Mar 14 Mar 17
Love's Challenge Arena Feb 13 Feb (?)
Temple of the Bear God Dungeon Feb 06 Feb 10
Poisoner's Lair Dungeon Jan 31 Feb 03
Black Powder Tower Dungeon Jan 10 Jan 16
2014 -> 15
Holiday Village Dungeon Dec 19 Jan 02
Super Guild Brawl 2 Arena Dec 12 Dec 15
Stormfur Bay Unleashed Campaign Nov 20 Dec 02(?)
Black Powder Tower Dungeon Nov 15 Nov 18
The Curse of the Haunted Tower Dungeon Oct 29 Nov 11
Clash of Heroes Arena Oct 25 Oct 27
Super Guild Brawl Arena Sep 05 Sep 08
Return of the Flamemancer Campaign Aug 04 Aug 08
Clash of Heroes Arena July 18 July 20
Frosthelm Caverns Campaign July 12 July 17
Rise of the Flamemancer Campaign June 08 June 16
Clash of Heroes Arena May 09 May 12
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