Frost Crystal
Frost Crtystal
Enemy Information
Race NA
Movement Range Cannot move
Skill Type Frost
Skill Range 5

Frost Crystal Edit

Frost Crystals are stones but they look different from the one Ursus Runebinder summons as frost crystals have three metal rings around its center.

Battle-Skill Edit

  • skill: Encases the target in a block of ice, freezing them for one turn.
    • Skill-Range: 5 Tiles
    • Cooldown: 2 Turns

Behavior in-BattleEdit

Frost crystal unlike most enemies cannot move, however with a range of 5 the frost crystal can attack. Frost crystals deal a fair amount of damage, however their attacks freeze units, making then unable to act for a turn. All crystals have a 50% resistance against bows. They are able to occasionally able fully block attacks.

Tips: Edit

  • Frost Crystals are usually best to kill at the end as they offer no immediate danger along as you stay out of range.
  • Frost Crystals can easily be sniped, however they have a fair amount of health.
  • Frost Crystals take more damage from fire damage then normal attacks. Frost crystals also take less damage from Frost damage, however they can still be frozen.
  • Using dancers you are able to to attack the crystal and let you hero return outside its skill range at the end of your turn. (note that it is best used with archers due to their attack range, while your dancer can remain safe while extracting your archer.)

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