Frozen Queen

Frozen Queen
Enemy Information
Race Human(?)
Movement Range 3-Tiles
Attack Type Magic
Minimum Attack Range 2 Tiles
Maximum Attack Range 3 Tiles

The Frost Queen is a unique enemy found in the 13th (Final) floor of the special event 'Holiday Village' dungeon in Hard mode.

Frozen Queen

A mage capable of wielding the spells of the cold ice, the Frozen Queen is an evil witch with ability to even imbue life into snow. With the help of Snow Jackals and her army of Snowmen, she threatens to ruin the wonder of winter.

Battle Skill

  • Summon Snowman: Call forth Snowman allies.
    • Skill Range: 4-Tiles
    • Cool-down: 5 Turns
    • Pattern: Summon ally

Behavior in Battle

The Frozen Queen doesn't like to spent her time attacking heroes, but instead she summons Snowmen to do the dirty work for her. She does have a good attack and never hesitates to counter attack if you happen to be in range.


  • Because of the low cool-down time of her skill, she doesn't directly attack heroes as often as she is able to summon more allies.
  • Unlike a hero's summoned units, the summoned Snow Soldier do not die after a 3 turn period.
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