Guilds are formed with teams of up to 25 players under a single Flag (of your choosing). Every guild has its own name, and a description set by the Guild Leader. It costs 10,000 coins to create a guild, but joining an existing guild is entirely free. 


Guild Menu

Guild Leaders have limited controls to determine how their guild is run. They can set their Guild to ‘Open’, or ‘Private’ (invite only). They can also control the minimum League of player that can join their guild. 

All players joining a guild are set to ‘Recruit’ rank by default, and require a Lieutenant or Guild Leader to upgrade them to ‘Normal’ rank. Lieutenants are the Guild’s second in command, and are able to promote players to Normal, kick Normal or Recruit players, and invite players to the guild. 

The guild enables the player to utilize the Message Board to post messages to other players in your guild. All arena battles earn your guild Trophies which count towards your guild’s total ranking.

Players can join Guilds from the ‘Top Guilds’ leaderboards, or invite players to their guild from ‘League Boards’ and ‘World Boards’.

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