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The Curse of the Haunted Tower

The Lionheart Hallowe’en and Curse of the Haunted Tower events...


In the spirit of the Holiday, Lionheart had taken a spooky make-over … changing sounds and visuals throughout the game, which remained for few weeks.

During the course of our Halloween event, heroes venture into the Haunted Tower limited time dungeon to earn Coins, Crowns, and the illustrious Pumpkin Tokens. Every three tokens you earn can be traded in for the Pumpkin Token Pack for a randomized reward. Keep an eye out for Golden Pumpkin Tokens as well, which can be collected for even better and higher-level rewards.

Several new Halloween-themed items have been added to the game … Cursed weapons and armour with a spooky twist. Additionally, the Spirit Stone have been permanently added as an upgrade item for Heroes. This Stone will be available only from events, and from the Stormfur Bay.

2 new creepy heroes:

As part of the Halloween season, two new (dark) Heroes have been added to the game; The Cursed Knight and the unique Death Priestess. The Cursed Knight is a haunted version of the normal knight, available only during the Halloween season. This character is not meant to be better than the normal Knight, but to show off participation in the 2014 Halloween season.

The Death Priestess is an entirely unique class, which brings a new awesome skill to the list – Summoning. Through her Skill and Gaea Break, she can call forth the spirits of the dead to serve as your allies for a limited number of turns. Upgrading her skill increases the strength of her summons dramatically.

Spooky special dungeon:

2014-10-28 1125.png

The Special Dungeon consist of 24 battles (including Hard) and has your heroes wandering through old and creaky chambers of The Cursed Haunted Tower - Now, that is a lot spooky.

Take heed, heroes, for there lies among these halls an evil made of pumpkin and bones. An evil known by the name of Jumper.

  • The Anteroom
  • The Grand Stairs
  • The Library
  • Tower's Summit

The Haunted Tower resets daily during the event, which will last approximately two weeks.

Pumpkin token packs:

Earned by completing the Haunted Tower dungeon & floors, Pumpkin Tokens come in two forms – Normal, and Golden. Three normal tokens can be traded in to earn a basic reward, including a chance at the Cursed Knight. Completing the dungeon gives you a chance at the Golden Pumpkin Token, three of which can be traded in for higher-level rewards like master (or champion) stones, the Death Priestess, and other rare/high-ranking Heroes. 


Floor OVR Coins Crowns Special
The Anteroom 82 250 1 -
The Anteroom II 89 250 1 -
The Anteroom III 115 500 3 Pumpkin Token
The Grand Stairs 178 250 1 -
The Grand Stairs II 216 250 1 -
The Grand Stairs III 242 500 3 Pumpkin Token
The Library 283 250 1 -
The Library II 362 250 1 -
The Library III 473 500 3 Pumpkin Token
Tower's Summit 825 250 1 -
Tower's Summit II 1371 250 1 -
Tower's Summit III 1614 1500 3 Halloween Pack

Floor OVR Coins Crowns Crowns
The Anteroom 2023 500 1 -
The Anteroom II 2055 500 1 -
The Anteroom III 2536 750 3 Pumpkin Token
The Grand Stairs 2534 500 1 -
The Grand Stairs II 3667 500 1 -
The Grand Stairs III 3829 750 3 Pumpkin Token
The Library 3659 500 1 -
The Library II 3983 500 1 -
The Library III 4352 750 3 Pumpkin Token
Tower's Summit 5793 500 1 -
Tower's Summit II 8549 500 1 -
Tower's Summit III 9632 2500 10 Halloween Pack


...These battles lack a lot of info...

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