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The Holiday Village

The Lionheart Christmas and the Holiday Dungeon events...

Lionheart's Christmas event is on now! Holiday Village is a dungeon type event in which you will earn presents as rewards. You can then use these presents and turn then in for prizes from the present turn in pack. Lionheart has received several visual changes in celebration of the Holiday season.

A new stone, Star Stone, has also been introduced as an upgrade item to the game. This can be found in normal Stone Packs from the Shop.

2 new heroes:

As part of the Holiday season, 2 new heroes have been added to the game. The Santa Guard and the Moon Druid.

Available only during the event, the Santa Guard is a Guard in a festive costume with an extra ‘Ho Ho Ho’ for players that participate in the Holiday Season events.

The Moon Druid is a unique kind of Shielder - Instead of directly restoring health to her allies, she creates 'Healing Tiles (Moon Tiles) that shield whichever ally is standing on them at the start of your turn. This means the Moon Druid can shield each turn and still attack at the same time. 

Special Dungeon:

The Holiday Village Dungeon has a total of 25 battles (including Hard) and has your group of heroes fighting hordes of Snowmen and Snow Jackals through the shimmering snow.

  • Snowdown Village
  • Town Square
  • Silver Woods
  • Snow Fortress

The Holiday Village resets daily during the event which will continue throughout this holiday season.

The snowy depths of the special dungeon hides new and exciting enemies...Along the way you will meet a number of new enemies such as the giant Snowman and the Frost Queen.

Present turn-in:

Get access to new Holiday weapons, classes, and other bonuses by collecting presents from the Holiday Dungeon. Heroes are rewarded for completion of dungeon levels with ‘Presents’ that can be traded in for bonus rewards during the holidays.

Presents come in two forms – Normal, and Golden. Three normal presents can be traded in for a basic reward, including the chance at the Santa Guard. Three golden presents can be traded in for higher level rewards and maybe even the Moon Druid.

Event Trailer


Lionheart Christmas