Lionheart Tactics Wiki


Enemy Information
Race Southpaw Ursoc
Movement Range 4
Attack Type melee
Minimum Attack Range 1
Maximum Attack Range 1

In the Verdant Ruins in Whisperweald, your heroes will encounter a strange team - Jackals guarding and feeding a giant Southpaw Ursoc in a cage. While your heroes are busy defeating the jackals, the encaged beast called Howler breaks free of his bonds and engages you in battle. Howler is an optional boss-type enemy. You can fight him with up to 6 units while he himself fights alone.


  • Howler Smash: Watch out! This skill sends almost every unit available in this game one hit down!
    • Skill-range: 3-Tiles
    • Cool-down: 3 Turns

Behavior in-Battle

Howler only moves if you get closer. If you do, he just charges forward, smashing the first unit he can see with his hammer. If his battle skill is ready, he will use it instead of a normal attack. Even more devastating.


  • This battle is 6 vs 1 - but this definitely doesn't mean it it easy!
  • Howler's skills are far higher than his OVR indicates - he is able to onehit everything except legendary Guard and Halberdier (they only survive with the use of Glancing skill)
  • If you just engage him in combat, you almost have no chance to beat him. There are a few tactics to beat him without even loosing a unit:
    • Take a Sniper and as many Sages and Dancers as you can. Stay away from howler and keep on shooting him - he will only move if you get too close. This will allow you to take him down without even making him move.
    • Take a Halberdier and 2 Sages. Just keep on stunning Howler every turn with "Power Strike" - Howler will fall without having a single turn. Keep in mind that you will have to stun him from quite far away the first time, or his Battle-skill will kill your Halberdier. The skills range is higher than the range indicated when tapping howler
    • Take a Huntress, a Sage, and a Dancer where the huntress has gotten "Trap" up to at least level 3 (the point at which it holds units in place for 2 turns). Using the sage and the huntress you can trap the howler every other turn preventing him from ever moving. You will need the dancer to move the huntress back each turn after attacking since the howler smash has range 3, same as the huntress.
    • Take a Runebinder to create decoys. Being a melee fighter, Howler will always go for the runes up front.
  • Howler is an optional boss. If you don't feel the need to fight him, just ignore him and go up against him later.

Level 160, 1258 our, 2433 hp, but hits like a trunk.