Lionheart Tactics Wiki
Hero Information
Race Barghest
Rarity Rare
Movement Range 4-Tiles
Minimum Attack Range 2-Tiles
Maximum Attack Range 3-Tiles
Promotion and Equipment
Stones 1x Beast Stone, 1x King Stone,
1x Marksman Stone
Weapon Type Warbow
Armor Type Tunic
Headgear Type Cowl


The Huntress deploys mighty arrows that can pierce through enemies, and deadly traps to hold them at bow's length.

Unit Quotes:

  • "The icewind..."
  • "Rawr! They are worthy prey."
  • *Snarling*
  • "I kill only when I must."


  • Trap(Battle Skill): A trap that locks the enemy in place for [1/1/1/2/2] turns and deal damage. {Rank R}
    • Skill Range: 3-Tiles
    • Cool-down: 4 Turn
    • Pattern:
  • Wolf Bolt(Limit Break): The Huntress fires a bolt that deals [200/225/250/275/300]% damage in a 3-wide line. {Rank N}
    • Break Range: 3-Tiles
    • Pattern:
  • Passives:
    • Hunter: This hero is +[10/15/20/25/30]% stronger against beast-type enemies. {Rank R}
    • Berserk: Under 30% HP, the warrior deals +[25/30/35/40/50]% more damage. {Rank E}
    • Stalwart: Increase in-battle HP by +[40/80/120/160/200] (flat amount). {Rank N}
    • Into the Fray: This hero gains [4/8/12/16/20]% attack for each adjacent enemy. {Rank C}
    • Big Game Huntress: The Huntress gains [2/4]% more attack for each enemy beast on the field. {Rank C}


  • She can attack at 3 tiles distance. Her arrows can penetrate up to three enemies in the row.
  • Her arrows can reach one more tile when she crits. This way, she can hit 4 enemies in a row.
  • Strong against Beast type mobs.


Even though the Huntress may seem like a ranged unit, she actually prefers to join the brawls head on. Her passives like 'Berserk', 'Into the Fray' and 'Big Game Huntress' helps boosts her attack by more than 70%. To support this, she has a lot of health and defense compared to other ranged heroes.

Her trap skill can easily disable melee units and still hurt them from a safe distance. If you still want to play safe, that is.

Max Stats:

These are the max stats attainable through boosting at each ranks. (inventory not included)

Rank\Stat  HP Atk Def Skill Mag Acc Dodg Crit
Recruit Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown 75% 0% 15%
Novice 230 83 18 31 15 75% 0% 15%
Elite 1300 350 80 155 80 75% 0% 15%
Master 2500 690 150 300 150 75% 0% 15%
Champion 4000 1120 245 490 245 75% 0% 15%
Legendary 6500 1855 400 810 400 75% 0% 15%