Jackal Shaman
Jac Sham V1
Enemy Information
Race Jackal
Movement Range  ?-Tiles
Skill Type Heal/Buff
Skill Range  ?-Tiles

Jackal ShamanEdit

Shamans are tribal healers who avail the power of their ancestral spirits to aid allies in battle.

Battle SkillEdit

  • Skill: Tribal Rite - heals an ally and refresh it turn.
    • Skill Range: ?-Tiles
    • Cool-down: 3 Turns

Behavior in battleEdit

A support unit lacking attacking abilities, the Jackal shaman is an enemy capable of healing and refreshing turns of his allies. At low health the Jackal Shaman will often run away to healing itself.


  • Jackal's only wear light armor to enable good movement...this also means less protection. These guys are pretty easy to knock-out.


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