Enemy Information
Race Undead
Movement Range 3
Maximum Attack Range 1

Jumper Edit

Created by the mysteroius powers of the haunted tower, the jumper is an undead with a halloween touch - ready to toss his pumpkin head at anyone daring to enter the Tower.

Note: The jumper is an event-only enemy

Battle-skill Edit

  • Pumpkin Toss: The jumper tosses his head to damage the target for 25% of its maximum HP
    • Skill-Range: 3-tiles
    • Skill-Cooldown: 4-turns

Behaviour in-Battle Edit

The jumper moves until a target is in range of his battle-skill, instantly tossing his head at it. This is no suicide attack. After this, the jumper simply tries to attack the first target reachable with his combat-attack.

Tips: Edit

  • The Jumper is an Event-only unit - you won't encounter him anywhere else than in the Haunted Tower.
  • The damage of his battle-skill is independant from his stats - try to avoid that he is able to attack tank units. A jumper with an OVR of 30 can easily do 500 Damage to a unit with enough HP. This makes the jumper the most dangerous unit in the normal mode of the tower.
  • As to his damage doesn't depend on his attack but on his targets HP, your Dancer can be used to soak up this attack with taking minimal damage. Dancer and Guard switch roles while fighting them.
  • His battle-skill has a higher range than his normal attack - keep in mind that he can actually attack from 2 tile further away than indicated when tapping him.
  • His normal attack (while his battle-skill is recharging), his counterattaks and HP depend on his OVR.
  • A Rose Knight might prove to be useful to soak up multiple pumpkins in one turn without taking damage.
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