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Undead Avatars-Lich.png
Enemy Information
Race Undead
Movement Range 3-Tiles
Maximum Attack Range 3-Tiles


Fallen wizards, masters of fire, don't lose all of their power after death. When enraged, they surround their enemys in a true inferno.


  • Lichfire: The Lich ignites a hero in flames, reducing the target's magic for 2 turns. Does area-damage in a 2-tile radius.
    • Skill-range: 3
    • Cooldown: 4
    • Pattern:


Behavior in-Battle

Like most magic-users the lich moves forward far enough to hit a target - not a tile further. The first target he can attack directly gets to know his Battle-skill. If his Skill is cooling down, he does the same with his normal attacks. Doesn't retreat when low on health. He already died once and is fearful no more.


  • Like most magic-users, the lich lacks on defense and hp. Brute-force physical attacks bring him down fast.
  • Try not to let him use his battle-Skill. The damage should not be underestimated.
  • All of his attacks are of magic nature, keep your guard away from him. Liches can easily kill targets without caring about their defense.
  • Be extremely careful when there are multiple liches - if one uses lichfire, the others do more damage because your magic defense is reduced.
  • Attacking from out of range is also useful, but ranged attacks don't do too much damage because a lich is undead.
  • Avoid grouping when fighting them - this makes his AOE-Skill even more dangerous.
  • Lich's movement is extremely low, so they can usually be avoided while dealing with other enemies first.