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Loves challenge is a unique arena battle. Loves challange lasts 6 days. 

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Every 8 hours perticipents have the chance to face one random person in the arena, however the opponent also gets a Princess on their team. 

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Rewards Found So far:Edit

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1 novice stone

2000 coins

4000 coins

8000 coins

1 recruit spirt stone

5 crowns, 1 elite stone

5 crowns, epic stone pack

5 crowns, 1 elite gear

5 crowns, 4 elite gear 1 master gear

5 crowns, Novice stone pack

5 crowns, novice hero

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10 crowns, 1 elite stone

10 crowns, 1 elite gear

10 crowns, epic stone pack

10 crowns, Novice Star Stone

Suave Halberdier

Known Event Problems Edit

On the first day of the event, the timer was reset on log-ins. This was fixed later in the day.

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