Hero Information
Race Rose Elf
Rarity Limited
Movement Range 3 Tiles
Minimum Attack Range 2 Tiles
Maximum Attack Range 4 Tiles
Promotion and Equipment
Stones 1x Cleric Stone,
1x Acrobat Stone,
1x Spirit Stone
Weapon Type Lute
Armor Type Tunic
Headgear Type Hat

 Minstrel Edit

Hailing from Caerholme, the minstrel raises his allies spirits with his songs.

Unit Quotes: Edit

  • "Let's pick up the tempo!"
  • "Autographs for everyone after the show!"
  • "Careful, this is a very delicate instrument..."
  • "On your count, maestro."
  • "Time for the main event!"
  • "Is anybody up for a song?"

Skills: Edit

  • Ode to an Ally(Battle Skill): Cleanses nearby allies of status effects and increases their attack by [25/45/65/75/95]% for 1 turn. {Rank R/R/E/M/C}
    • Skill Range: 7-Tiles (targets an ally but centered on self)
    • Cool-down: 3 Turns
  • Anthem of Victory(Limit Break): Silences all enemies and boosts ally critical chance by [15/30/50/70/90]% for 1 turn. {Rank E/E/M/M/C}
    • Break Range: ?
    • Pattern: ?
  • Passives
    • Lyre Note: Basic attacks gain a [10/25/50/75/100]% chance to silence enemies. {Rank R/R/N/E/M}
    • Performer: The minstrel gains [50/75/150/175/250] bonus coins if he wins a battle. {Rank R/R/E/M/C}
    • War Guitar: Nearby Allies gain [5/10/15/20/25]% attack. {Rank R/N/E/M/C}
    • Enchanted Strings: The minstrel boosts nearby ally magic resist by [5/15/25/30/45]%. {Rank R/N/E/M/C}
    • Nimble: Increases dodge by [2/5/7/12/15]. {Rank R}
    • Inspiring Aura: Nearby allies gain [5/10/15/25/30]% increased dodge. {Rank R/N/E/M/C}

Tips: Edit

  • War Guitar Enchanted Strings Inspiring Aura = 3 skill aura +attack +magic +dodge allies 7 tiles.

Tactics: Edit

The Minstrel is a nimble support unit who cleanses allies of status effects and inspires them to greater power with his songs and passive auras.

Wielding the new Lute weapon type, the Minstrel steps onto the battlefield to silence enemies with his musical notes.

Max Stats:Edit

These are the max stats attainable through boosting at each ranks. (inventory not included)

Rank\Stat  HP Atk Def Skill Mag Acc Dodg Crit
Recruit 300 30 45 72 105 89% 5% 0%
Novice 900 60 75 108 195 89% 5% 0%
Elite 1500 90 105 270 435 89% 5% 0%
Master 2100 120 165 495 735 89% 5% 0%
Champion 2700 150 195 795 1035 89% 5% 0%
Legendary 3600 180 225 1215 1710 89% 5% 0%

Original SuggestionEdit

Proposed Idea submited by Pedro Trindade

Hero: Minstrel
Gender : Male
Race : Rose Elf
Weapon: None. 
Rarity : Uncommon.
Bio : Adept at telling tales at the castle courts, the Minstrel left the knightly deeds of the Caerholme behind to join an epic of his own, accompanying adventure firsthand.
His design is to be very pompous as to contrast with the dancer's, but still traveler-like.
Skill : Battle Ballad
The minstrel's song inspires the best of bravery, raising one's ally attack power for the next hit by x%. 
So, basically, whilst the dancer refreshes a turn, the bard buffs the unit's next attack for more damage.
Break : Rose Rhytm
This soothing song makes the party gradually regain x health for 3 turns.
Skill : Sound of Silence
A tune that shuns away all other noise, keeping a foe from casting any skills on that turn.
Break : Rose Rhapsody
A piece so powerful it can lower all enemies SKL and MAG status by x% for 3 turns.
. I also would like to make a male mage, but Caerholme seems like a good setting for bards, with all it's courtly and knightly things. May be coming up soon, haha.
I fancied giving him some weapon, but I'm not sure about bow / warbow, or even hexagun , so I'll pass on that as of now.


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