Death Knight
Mid knight
Enemy Information
Race Undead
Movement Range 5-tiles
Maximum Attack Range 1-Tiles

Mirror Knight Edit

The basic melee unit for the undead. They serve mainly to keep you occupied while their skeleton archers and magi take you down.

Battle-Skill Edit

  • The knight lashes out to reduce a hero's attack by 25% for 2 turns. Regular attack range (1 tile).

Behavior in-Battle Edit

The Mirror knight walks towards your heroes as fast as he can and attacks weaker units when it has a choice. He unleashes his battle-skill whenever it is ready.

Tips: Edit

  • Because he moves fairly fast (5 tiles) you will likely have to take some hits from him. Try to make sure the first hit is taken by your Guard, or other defensive units. If he manages to use his battle skill on your main offensive units, it will reduce your attack for 2 turns and make the fight a lot harder.
  • He has some magic resistance, but not nearly as high as his defense so magical attacks will be more effective than physical ones. As an undead unit he will also take reduced damage from non-magical ranged attacks.
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