Mirror Lord
Enemy Information
Race Mirror
Movement Range 3-Tiles
Maximum Attack Range 1-Tiles

Mirror Lord Edit

The mightiest of the mirror warriors, the Mirror Lord slowly wades into battle, swinging his mighty axe and shrugging off attacks with his heavy armor.

Battle-Skill Edit

Mirror Lord possesses battle skill only on Nightmirror mode.

  • Dark Smash (Battle Skill): A devastating crushing wave.
    • Skill Range: 1-Tile
    • Cooldown: 1 Turn
    • Patern: Whole Map (?)

Behavior in-Battle Edit

He generally moves toward the closest unit and uses his skill when in reach (if he has one - otherwise he just attacks). 

Tips: Edit

  • Due to his massive defense and magic, he takes reduced damage from all types of attacks. Be careful when using skills like Fireball on him, as he may survive to kill your Wizard.
  • Due to his slow speed and short reach, ranged units like the Archer are great for softening him up before he gets close.
  • Due large area and high damage of his Battle Skill if he uses one it is almost 100% game over. Don't let him get close using Stun, Trap or Freeze.
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