Molten Crystal
Molten Crystal
Enemy Information
Race Molten Army
Movement Range Cannot move
Skill Type Fire
Skill Range Infinite
Attack Type Multi Strike
Fire Fires Fire

Molten Crystal Igniting two of Ursus Runebinder's stones

Frozen fire

A frozen Molten Crystal

Molten Crystal Edit

Molten Crystals, Like Frost Crystals, are stones that cannot move. Like Frost Crystals they have three metal rings around their centers.

Battle-Skill Edit

  • Ignite: Deals damage to every target.
    • Skill-Range: Whole Map
    • Cooldown: 1 Turn

Behavior in-Battle Edit

Molten Crystals, like Frost Crystals, cannot move. Molten Crystals target all opposing creatures regardless of range. Molten Crystals will take a good chunk of time to kill any one target, but overtime will deal a fair amount of damage to opposing creatures as a whole. Molten Crystals do more damage to units with more health. Like all crystals, they also have a 50% resistance against arrows.

Tips: Edit

  • Molten Crystals will cause you to heal your units frequently if you let them live. Due to their fairly low health it is usually a good idea to take them out immediately.
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