Enemy Information
Race Mirror (before: Human)
Movement Range  ?-Tiles
Attack Type Melee
Maximum Attack Range 2-Tiles

Morden Edit

The king's uncle was infected with a shard of the mirror. The shard's power grew inside him, finally taking control over his body and transforming him into a soldier of the mirror - Morden. Armed with a long blade, Morden appears in 3 battles in total blocking your way through the Wolflands and Splinterpeaks.

Battle-Skill Edit

Morden possesses no battle skill.

Behavior in-Battle Edit

Due to his small movement range, Morden doesn't have too many choices to move or attack - he will simply try to get closer to you and hit the weakest unit in range. With enormous attack and defense, he doesn't know mercy nor fear. Note that the weapon he uses has the characteristics of a spear.

Tips: Edit

  • Battle 1 (Grand Spire):
    • Because the king wants to grant his uncle a honorable death, you will have to fight him one-on-one.
    • Send in a combat-unit with at least 2-tiles range (e.g. (Uni-)Pally)
    • Try to get high-ground advantage.
    • Keep on hitting him - he is not very strong in this battle and will go down fast. Healing yourself is also helpful.
  • Battle 2 (Collegium):
    • Morden awaits you inside the Collegium - this time with mirror soldiers at his side.
    • You can send 6 units into this battle - just as usual.
    • Morden is guarded by 2 Shardlocks which are able to deal massive magical damage. Try to take them down from safe distance.
    • There are multiple Gatlingers on this map. Avoid having weakened troops with you as to they won't survive concentrated fire.
    • Take down the Gatlingers and shard lancers fist. Then take down the 2 shardlocks.
    • When all his troops are down, Morden is not a problem anymore.
  • Battle 3 (Collegium):
    • Morden escapes into a backroom of the Collegium when you beat him the second time. Here is your chance to defeat him - once and for all!
    • He is only guarded by some Shard Lancers - just take them out and then focus on him. This battle is rather easy.
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