Poison Crystal
Poison Crystal
Enemy Information
Race Unknown
Movement Range Cannot move
Skill Range Infinite
Attack Type Poison

Poison Crystal Edit

Poison Crystals, is much like the Molten Crystal as it deals damage to all enemies. The difference is that Poison Crystals damage gives a poisonious effect dealing damage over time.

Battle-Skill Edit

  • Poison?: Deals damage to every target.
    • Skill-Range: Whole Map
    • Cooldown: 1 Turn

Behavior in-Battle Edit

Poison Crystals cannot move. Poison Crystals target all opposing creatures regardless of range. Poison does damage over time.

Tips: Edit

  • Poison Crystals will cause you to heal your units frequently if you let them live. Due to their fairly low health it is usually a good idea to take them out immediately.
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