Hero Information
Race Human
Rarity Common
Movement Range 4-Tiles
Minimum Attack Range 2-Tile
Maximum Attack Range 3-Tiles
Promotion and Equipment
Stones 3x Cleric Stones
Weapon Type Staff
Armor Type Robe
Headgear Type Hat

Priest Edit

Favored by the light, the Priest worships Gaea and blesses his allies with a holy shield to protect them from damage.

Unit Quotes: Edit

  • "Light my way."
  • "Ready."
  • "Gaea be with you."

Skills: Edit

  • Bless(Battle Skill): A holy shield that absorbs damage in-Battle for allies depending on the Priest's level. {Rank R}
    • Skill Range: 5-Tiles
    • Cool-down: 1 Turn
  • Divine Ray(Limit Break): The Priest prays to Gaea to heal all allies depending on the limit break's rank. {Rank N}
    • Break Range: Whole Map
    • Pattern: Buff All (allies)
  • Passives:
    • Resistance: Increase in-battle magic by +[10/20/30/40/50] (Flat amount). {Rank R}
    • Resist: Mirror: The hero is [5/10/15/20/25]% stronger against the Mirror. {Rank R}
    • Magic Aura: Allies within 2 tiles gain +[5/10/15/20/25]% bonus magic. {Rank E}
    • Healing Aura: Allies within 2 tiles are shielded for [10/15/20/30/40] HP at the start of your turn. {Rank M}
    • Fortitude: Allies within 2 tiles are +[5/10/15/20/25]% stronger against the mirror. {Rank C}

Tips: Edit

  • The Priest's attack is supposed to be considered non-existent since it has little range and puts him in danger.
  • However, boosting heroes to increase your priest's attack could come in handy. You could then effectively use him as a last resort that may actually make you win the battle.
  • His passives make him (and nearby allies) strong against Mirror.

Tactics: Edit

  • Tactics for the Priest is fairly straightforward. Keep him out of range and spam heal on every turn. Also try to get the passive 'Healing Aura' up to max asap.
  • He is a prime target for A.I. ranged units, so be smart with his positioning and keep him alive at all costs.
  • He also has a passive aura that gives magic resistance, which is invaluable when fighting Mirror units.
  • Try to keep him within two tiles behind the units you wish to protect from magic damage.

Max Stats:Edit

These are the max stats attainable through boosting at each ranks. (inventory not included)

Rank\Stat  HP Atk Def Skill Mag Acc Dodg Crit
Recruit Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown 89% 0% 0%
Novice 440 45 25 70 85 89% 0% 0%
Elite 780 85 45 125 155 89% 0% 0%
Master 1495 180 80 240 300 89% 0% 0%
Champion 2410 260 130 390 490 89% 0% 0%
Legendary 3970 430 215 645 810 89% 0% 0%


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