Rose Princess



Hero Information
Race Rose Elf
Rarity Mythic
Movement Range 4(+1)-Tiles
Minimum Attack Range -
Maximum Attack Range -
Promotion and Equipment
Stones 2x Star Stones, 1x King Stone
Weapon Type None
Armor Type Robe
Headgear Type Crown/Hat

The Princess Edit

The youngest leader of the Rose Elves, the Princess can refresh the turn of every adjacent ally.

Unit Quotes: Edit

  • "Act wisely! My life is in your hands."
  • "I suppose."
  • "Do you think me a child?"
  • "A pleasure."
  • "Our time is not yet over!" - on using her skill.

Skill: Edit

  • Royal Command(Battle Skill): Refresh the turn of all adjacent allies. [0/20/30/40/50]% damage resistance for 1 turn. {Rank R}
    • Skill Range: 0-Tile
    • Cool-down: 4 Turns
  • Imperius (Limit Break): Turn an ally into a champion with [50/75/100/125/150]% increased ATK and DEF.{Rank N}
    • Break Range: Whole Map(?)
    • Pattern: Buff (ally)
  • Passives
    • Reflex: Increase in-battle skill by +[10/20/30/40/50] (Flat amount). {Rank R}
    • Stalwart: Increase in-battle HP by +[40/80/120/160/200] (Flat amount) {Rank N}
    • Avenger Aura: Allies within 2 tiles gain +[10/15/20/25/30]% attack. {Rank E}
    • Charisma Aura: Allies within 2 tiles gain+[5/6/7/8/10]% hit and crit. {Rank M}
    • Protector Aura: Heroes adjacent to this unit gains [4/8/12/16/20]% defense. {Rank C}
    • Lighter Armor: Increase in-battle movement by +[1]. {Rank L}


  • Cannot attack at all, however, refreshes turns of up to 4 allies simultaneously. 


The Princess is a support class that helps allies by granting every unit standing next to her a second turn (similar to the Dancer). She also can train a variety of Auras to greatly increase the strength of allies fighting alongside her. Great synergy with Sages that let her refresh more often and long-ranged units that can afford to position in a cross pattern.

Need to be used carefully due to lack of attack and it's skill cool-down but the auras it provides and battle-skill makes it the best supporting troop in the game for difficult challenges.

Max Stats: Edit

These are the max stats attainable through promotion and boosting (inventory not included).

Rank\Stat  HP Atk Def Skill Mag Acc Dodg Crit
Recruit 165 0 30 30 30 100% 0% 0%
Novice 440 0 70 70 70 100 0% 0%
Elite 780 0 125 125 125 100% 0% 0%
Master 1495 0 240 240 240 100% 0% 0%
Champion 2410 0 390 390 390 100% 0% 0%
Legendary 3970 0 650 645 650 100% 0% 0%



Lionheart Tactics - Valentines Day!-0

Lionheart Tactics - Valentines Day!-0

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