Enemy Information
Race Stone Ursoc(?)
Movement Range 3-Tiles
Skill Type Summon
Skill Range 8(?) Tiles
Attack Type Melee

Rebellum is the final enemy of Stormfur Bay. Furthermore, he can be found on the last stage of the Temple of the Bear God dungeon.

Rebellum Edit

The ancient bear God of the Ursus once had great powers - but with the noble Ursus transforming into wild beasts, he turned away from his people and took refugee in the last temple within the volcano in Stormfur bay. During the long time he waited there, the biggest part of his power faded. This is all what is left of the mighty god.

Basic Attack Edit

  • Range: 1 Tile
  • Pattern:

Battle Skill Edit

  • Call of Frost: Call forth a Frost Crystal.
    • Skill Range: 8 Tiles
    • Cool-down: 3 Turns
    • Pattern: Summon ally

Behavior in Battle Edit

  • He will always use his summon skill when it is available.
  • If his skill is not ready, he charges forward and attacks the first troop he reaches.

Tips: Edit

  • His basic attack hits all units in a 2x3 area in front of Rebellum. Don't cluster your heroes together.
  • Make sure to clear out the summoned Frost Crystals
  • Unlike a hero's summoned units, the summoned Frost Crystal die after a 10 turn period.
  • As to his massive attack, it is best to keep him stunned or locked in place by a trap. The only thing he can do at range is to summon Frost Crystals.
  • Thanks to Rebellum's high health, poison deals about 6000 damage per turn.

Level Our HP
Campaign 999 45519 50000
Dungeon 999 45519 50000


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