Lionheart Tactics Wiki
Shardlock Homes.gif
Enemy Information
Race Mirror
Movement Range 3-Tiles
Maximum Attack Range 3-Tiles


A magic-using mirror unit. Unlike the shard magus, the shardlock concentrates all his damage on one target, siphoning or poisoning it.


  • Miasma (Battle Skill): The shardlock surrounds one enemy in a dark cloud, dealing damage and adding poison, silence or blind.
    • Skill-range: 5-tiles
    • Cooldown: 3 Turns

Behavior in Battle:

Shardlocks use their Skill as soon as the first enemy gets inside their range. While recharging, they attack the first target they find, trying to stay 3 tiles away from it.


  • As to these units attacks are of magic nature, it can inflict high damage - especially against armored troops.
  • Miasma has a higher range than the Shardlocks basic attack. Don't rely on the range shown when selecting a shardlock.
  • This enemy type is quite rare. Only appears in some maps close to the collegium.
  • Be careful if they appear in groups - 3 or 4 Miasmas can take down almost every unit in one turn.