The Shop is where the most Heroes go to for their everyday needs. Few events offer discounts on the value of most packs in the shop, so try to stack up for such opportunities whenever possible.

Heroes Edit

Recruit new heroes to aid you in your quests. In the Store, various packs give out heroes of varying ranks and rarity. Few events double (or even triples) chances for a certain unit in the packs. It is recommended to wait for such events if you are trying your luck for Mythical heroes. You can always use the useless ones as fodder for your main team.

Wood Hero Edit

Wood hero packs are only available to new players and drops only Recruit Archer units. These Hero packs cost 200 coins.

Bronze Hero Edit

The Bronze Hero pack contains a random Recruit Common or Uncommon Hero. This pack costs 800 coins.

Silver Hero Edit

For a little higher price of 6000 coins, one is able to buy Silver Hero pack which contains a random Recruit Uncommon or Rare Hero.

Golden Hero Edit

1000 crowns can be spent to purchase a Golden Hero pack containing a random Recruit Mythic Hero.

Equipment Edit

New items for you heroes to equip. Each pack contains a set of 5 items of ranks pertaining the Gear pack.
Gear Packs

Recruit Gear Edit

Recruit Gear packs include five pieces of equipment of Recruit rank. This pack costs 400 coins.

Novice Gear Edit

These packs contain items of Novice rank for the cost of 1600 coins.

Heroic Gear Edit

Heroic Gear packs drop gear worth Elite or Master ranks. This pack costs 4000 coins.

Mythic Gear Edit

These packs include equipment of Master rank or above (rarely includes Legendary items). This pack costs 10000 coins.

Stones Edit

Stones are needed to promote your heroes to stronger ranks. Each stone pack contains 3 random stones (4 during special event)...with a small chance of King Stone (Of-course! How could I forget that?)
Stone Packs

Small Stones Edit

These packs are composed of three random Recruit rank stones to help promote heroes to Novice. This pack costs 800 coins.

Great Stones Edit

Great Stones pack give out random stones of Novice rank. This pack costs 6000 coins.

Epic Stones Edit

These packs usually include Elite rank stones with small chance to drop Master and Champion ranked ones. This packs cost 17500 coins.

Mythic Stones Edit

For 750 crowns, it is possible to buy Mythic Stones pack which give out Master rank stones along with a chance for Champion stones.

Vaults Edit

Crowns and coins can be used to purchase Heroes and Items. Crowns can be bought from vaults in various quantities for cash. Higher amounts of crowns come with more bonus crowns.

Coins can also be bought from the store using crowns

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