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Snow Soldier
Enemy Information
Race Snowman?
Movement Range 3-Tiles
Attack Type Magic(?)
Minimum Attack Range 2-Tiles
Maximum Attack Range 3-Tiles

Snow Soldier

When a Snowman comes to life on a magical winter night, you'd expect it to be a lot more friendly... but not the Snow Soldiers

These guys are ruthless balls of white snow, armed with a pair of twigs and a hunger for your soul..

I'm just kidding.. They are just normal snowmen who likes to have a snowball fight. But we still don't like them for some reason and start killing each and every one of their family. What is ECG thinking?

Battle Skill

  • Snow Bomb: A huge clump of snow..
    • Skill Range: 3-Tiles
    • Cool-down: ? Turn(s)

Behavior in Battle

Made by the Frozen Queen, the Snow Soldiers are mere pawns capable of throwing snowballs at your heroes. Not too tough on their own, they use their skill to freeze their targets.


  • 'Do you want to build a sno-' ... 'NOPE'