Snowy Jackals are northern tribe of Jackals.

Jackal Sapper
Enemy Information
Race Jackal
Movement Range 6?-Tiles
Attack Type Ranged
Minimum Attack Range 2-Tiles
Maximum Attack Range 2-Tiles(?)

Jackal SapperEdit

Jackal Sappers are have traded their conventional ways and weapons for the big nozzle hexaguns.

Battle Skill Edit

  • Skill: damage and stun for 1 turn a target and all heroes in radius of 2 cells.
    • Skill Range: 3-Tiles
    • Cool-down: 5 Turns
  • Passives:
    • Band together: Jackals deal additional damage for each ally nearby.

Behavior in battle Edit

Jackal Sappers target the first unit in their sights, using their skill to stun whenever possible. They tend to focus on closer enemies unlike the other Jackals. They also tend to waste their skills on already stunned targets.

Tips Edit

  • Watch out for his skill since it can stun any hero for a turn.
  • Jackal's only wear light armor to enable good movement...this also means less protection. These guys are pretty easy to knock-out.

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