Lionheart Tactics Wiki

Belly of the Mountain

3284 OUR 1600g 3c Thorntrunk Staff

Level OUR HP
Stone Warrior 117 685 4327
Stone Warrior 110 620 3711
Stone Warrior 105 569 3271
Stone Warrior 99 500 2743
Stone Warrior 94 455 2303
Stone Warrior 94 455 2303

Inside the mountain is a ruined, devastated place filled with broken bridges over magma. This place is guarded by the molten army.


Thief: At least it’s warmer in ‘ere


Thief: First the bears, then the undead.

Thief: Now bear statues?!

Thief: This is the adventure that just keeps givin’! 

Belly of the Mountain

3680 OUR 1600g 4c Ibris Scimitar

Level OUR HP
Stone Warrior 122 741 4840
Stone Warrior 122 741 4840
Molten Crystal  110 620 300
Molten Crystal  101 529 300
Stone Warrior 104 549 3183
Stone Warrior  99 500 2743

Belly of the Mountain

4719 OUR 2000g 5c Muridae Crown

Level OUR HP
Stone Warrior 128 824 5644
Stone Warrior 123 764 4974
Stone Archer 120 730 4572
Molten Crystal 116 674 300
Stone Warrior 108 599 3535
Molten Crystal 108 599 300
Stone Archer 102 529 3007

The Great Stairs

5307 OUR 1600g 3c Thorntrunk Warbow

Level OUR HP
Molten Crystal 133 885 300
Stone Archer 132 860 6180
Stone Archer 129 824 5778
Stone Archer 127 800 5510
Stone Archer 119 707 4530
Molten Crystal 114 652 300
Stone Archer 107 579 3447

A colossal staircase one led from the base of the mountain to its heights, as the statues of the Ursus watch over the flow of lava.


Thief: Big Steps.

Priest: For big feet, lass.

Thief: Were do you think they're leading us?

Priest: Up?

Guard: Through more of those statues, I'm thinking sir!

Hero: Spread out, before they flank us!


Hero: What are these things?

Wizard: I a-assumed they were some sort of golem.

Wizard: Now I see that I was wrong.

Wizard: They aren't magical…

Wizard: Not in the way you'd think.

Wizard: Magic is a thing that ebbs and flows.

Wizard: All I sense here is sorrow, a deep sorrow.

Wizard: Whatever moves them is a power I've never seen before.

The Great Stairs

6224 OUR 1600g 4c Monger Helm

Level OUR HP
Stone Warrior 139 949 7118
Stone Warrior 139 949 7118
Stone Warrior 134 885 6448
Stone Ravager 124 764 5108
Stone Ravager 121 741 4706
Molten Crystal 115 674 300
Molten Crystal 112 631 300
Stone Warrior 111 631 3799

The Great Stairs

6462 OUR 2000g 5c Lost Ring

Level OUR HP
Stone Archer 144 1016 7788
Molten Crystal 130 848 300
Stone Archer 127 800 5510
Stone Archer 126 788 5376
Molten Crystal 124 764 300
Stone Archer 124 764 5108
Stone Ravager 122 741 4840
Stone Ravager 122 741 4840

Forges of Rebellum

7032 OUR 1600g 3c Carsteel Mail

Level OUR HP
Stone Guardian 143 1016 7654
Stone Warrior 138 949 6984
Molten Crystal  137 923 1000
Stone Warrior  132 860 6180
Stone Ravager 130 848 5912
Stone Warrior 130 848 5912
Stone Ravager  129 824 5778
Molten Crystal 124 764 1000

Huge Chambers are held by great pillars, some of which have shattered and fallen over channels of lava below.


Hero: Forges!

Guard: You said you were looking for weapons, sir?

Guard: Perhaps this is a good place to look.

Wizard: Whatever smiths were here are long gone…

Wizard: And they've take their weapons with them, it seems.

Thief: Ugh. I think they might 'ave left us a little present!

Wizard: I see them! More statutes!



Forges of Rebellum

8312 OUR 1600g 4c Vambraces

Level OUR HP
Stone Archer 150 800 1000
Molten Crystal 147 1056 1000
Stone Archer 147 1056 8190
Stone Ravager 138 949 6984
Stone Archer 136 923 6716
Stone Guardian 131 860 6046
Stone Guardian  128 824 5644
Molten Crystal  127 800 1000
Stone Archer 122 741 4840

Forges of Rebellum

8361 OUR 2000g 5c Deathgambit Mail

Level OUR HP
Stone Ravager 149 1084 8458
Stone Warrior 147 1056 8190
Molten Crystal 146 1056 1000
Stone Archer 142 989 7520
Stone Archer 140 976 7252
Stone Ravager 131 860 6046
Molten Crystal 126 788 1000
Stone Guardian 126 788 5376
Stone Guardian 124 764 5108


Hero: More of these golems!

Wizard: All gathered around this final doorway…

Priest: It's almost as though they were a test!

Warrior: Or a last defense, Priest.

Wizard: I sense…

Wizard: Such sadness, such fear. It's stronger, here.

Wizard: This is … Gaea preserve us.

Wizard: These are the last of the old Ursus. They once lived!

Wizard: Their souls are trapped by the last roar of their god!

Wizard: Souls driven long ago to madness…

Wizard: Sealed in such a tight cage, for so many centuries.

Wizard: No one deserves such a fate!

Hero: You're right, Glass.

Wizard: Let's give them the freedom they crave!


Hero: Why…

Wizard: Sorry, lad?

Hero: Why did we do this?

Hero: We were taught the old gods were evil!

Hero: That we destroyed them and rallied humanity to make the world better.

Hero: I don't see anything better about this.

Wizard: Why did the humans rise against the beast… hm.

Guard: Fair question, sir. Been wondering that myself!

Guard: Er, if I'm Permitted to wonder, sir!

Priest: Gaea Loved everyone. The bears were as much her children as we.

Priest: I suppose the humans grew jealous.

Warrior: Fair words, little one.

Warrior: But perhaps the blame does not lie entirely with you…

Warrior: There have always been dark forces at work, twisting and tearing.

Warrior: Your people are foolish, young. This is true.

Warrior: But you have more then a spark of good in you.

Warrior: Even you, little thiefling.

Priest: Do you think… the mirror had a hand in this?

Warrior: I'm no shaman. I cannot guess at what dwells in the past.

The Last Temple

45519 OUR 20000g 100c Spirit Stone(c)

Level OUR HP
Rebellum 999 45519 50000

The being stirs behind these doors, one of age and power far beyond anything you have met in your journeys thus far.


Archer: Are… you seeing this?!

Hero: I am, but I wish I weren’t!

Thief: I feel… Heavy. Weird.

Wizard: You can feel it, can't you.

Warrior: Our gods were no myth. They walked among us!

Warrior: they shared in out drink and mirth.

Warrior: The god of the bears was a mighty, and his roars had substance.

Warrior: Even now they echo about this place.

Warrior: Buried into every stone, every shard of ice.

Guard: Huff… I can… barely breathe.

(BLANK): Men… We are no whispers…

(BLANK): We were a god…

Wizard: It's nothing but a voice! Their god is dead.

(BLANK): You think this a trick…?

Thief: He's speaking' right into my head! Are you hearing this?!

Warrior: He speaks in my wolf-tongue!

Thief: Yer crazy Wolfy, he's speakin' english to me!

(BLANK): Your petty victories… made you confident

(BLANK): But you have yet to face a god!


Hero: Was that the old god?

Wizard: it was all that was left of him.

Wizard: Even now, his essence clouds this place.

Archer: Look, sire! A sword!

Hero: I see it, floating in the darkness!

Wizard: I think we might just have found you a weapon, lad...