Stormfur BayEdit

Stormfur bear

Battle is brewing in the depths of Stormfur Bay. Far beneath the frozen wastes lies the fallen Kingdom of the Ancient Ursoc. Long before the Mirror rose, the Ursoc were a noble race. Worshipping their god, Rebellum, they were master architects and great smiths that forged legendary weapons. Weapons that could be used for great good, weapons which could even strike down a Shard of the Mirror.

But as their god fell to ruin, the Ursoc followed. They lost their war, abandoning their halls hewn from frozen rock and wandering across the snows. Most devolved into the brutish, gluttonous bears, followers of the cursed chieftain, Blight - Empty in mind, but great in strength. 
Still, deep under the frozen was wastes, creatures wander the hallowed passages and corridors of the greatest of the Ursoc cities.

Your quest into Stormfur Bay will take you across the frozen wastes and into the teeth of the storm. You'll discover the last remnants of the noble Ursoc, where they still guard the remnants of their ancestral home. Deep within the lava-filled chambers of the abandoned Ursoc stronghold, you'll face a creature that makes all of Stormfur Bay tremble with every strike...

What's New?Edit

Stormfur Bay features over 10 entirely new maps that will raise the quality of Lionheart’s environments for all future updates. The area’s difficulty is balanced for all levels of player, ranging from Novice to Legendary-rank in later battles. The adventures here can be experienced while you explore the rest of the map, gaining the experience and skills you'll need to face the final battles of Stormfur Bay."

Prepare yourselves! Face the wrath of Stormfur Bay, rally your Heroes, and challenge the greatest foe you’ve ever faced! An enemy so large it takes up 9 tiles and makes the ground thunder with every step… Far under the snow and ice of Stormfur Bay.

Feature List:Edit

  • Stormfur Bay: Unleashed! - During the event, completing battles (all three, on the map) in Stormfur Bay will provide additional rewards.
  • 2 new playable classes
  • Over 10 new battlefields, and 30 new missions.
  • 4 variant enemies, and 1 incredibly beastly boss.


Lionheart Tactics 'Stormfur Bay' - Trailer

Lionheart Tactics 'Stormfur Bay' - Trailer

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