Temple of bear god
Molten Crystal

Molten Crystals appears in Jaws of Rebellum, The Great Stares and Forge of Rebellum. Molten Crystal targets all opposing creatures regardless the range, so it is suggested that you take them out as soon as you can.


This is Rebellum, he is the boss in The Last Temple. He is a level 200 and has 15,000 health. His attack is an AOE that deals about 600 damage. Every other turn he summons Frost Crystal instead of attacking. The easiest way to defeat Rebellum is to freeze or stun him, and then attack him with everything you got while he is out.


OVR Coins Crowns Special
Jaws of Rebellum 191
Jaws of Rebellum 2 198
Jaws of Rebellum 3 225 Novice Stone
Belly of the Mountain 248
Belly of the Mountain 2 223
Belly of the Mountain 3 377 Silver Hero
The Great Stairs 484
The Great Stairs 2 608
The Great Stairs 3 809 10,000 Coins
Forges of Rebellum 993
Forges of Rebellum 2 1065
Forges of Rebellum 3  1010 Elite Stone
The Last Temple 1930 30 Crowns

Alternate names:

On the Kongregate forums and main website this event is called: Stormfur Bay Dungeon. In the game on the map, this event is called: Lionheart Event. Upon clicking on Lionheart Event the event is called: Temple of Bear God.

Temple of bae

1. ^ Devs forgot to put a 3 after this battle name.

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