Abandoned, Bandits have come to the Wizard's Tower in search of treasure...


You and and small group of heroes tread east to investigate a rumor of the Haunted Tower. As you enter the cursed halls, the first thing you notice is a group of bandits trying to loot the place.

The small group of Bandits are leaded by the Bandit Guard.



Before Battle:Edit

<Bandits>  O-Oy, This place gives me the creeps.
<Bandit Guard>  You want to tell the Boss you didn't get any loot cause yer scared of some spook stories? She'll have our hides!
<Bandits>  B-But you heard the sounds too!
<Bandit Guard>  Ain't nothin' here but yer own dim wits!
<Cerys>  Ahem, boys?
<Bandit Guard>  Oy!! Intruders! This here is Bandit Territory, now!
<Locke> That why you were just wettin' yer armour? Grr! There ain't no ghosts here...

After Battle:Edit

<Bandit Guard>  That's it, you're really in for it no-
<...>  Cursss...ed... Flesss..h...
<Bandit Guard>  R-really in for it... Uh...
<...>  Brok...en... Bonesss...
<Bandit Guard>  Forget this! The Boss ain't that scary!
<Lt. Ward> (To the King) Careful, Sir
<...>  Wret...chesss... Cowardsss...
<Cerys>  The Tower itself, Sir... It's as if it's come alive!
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