It seems the Bandits found more than they bargained for...


The Spirits of the tower has awaken to protect it's master. Skeleton archers and other undeads are filling the dark halls.



Before Battle:Edit

<...>  All hallowsss... Come forth... Protect thessse hallsss... Let none... assscend!
<Lt. Ward> (To the King) Something's trying to stop us, Sir!
<Cerys>  Perhaps the Tower is... protecting itself?
<Bishop Rook> Perhaps, yet I fear a more malicious force is at work. Something calling the very spirits from the grave...

After Battle:Edit

<Bishop Rook> (To the King) This Magic... Sir, we don't have much time! This place is trapped in time. Every day at the stroke of midnight... The hallows will return it to what it was before.
<Locke>  ..An' that means?
<Bishop Rook>  Ahem. All these undead you've defeated? They'll all come back. Angry.
<Locke> Oh ...Guess we better hurry then, eh robes?

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