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    Do you have any awesome ideas/concepts for new heroes and skills... Why not share them here?

    Try making one of your own... It's a challenge.. Let's see what you guys can come up with.

    Here's the rules..

    -> One hero per reply.

    -> Only post hero suggestions..

    -> If you wish to comment on another person's idea, only do so along with a new suggestion of your own.. (:P)

    -> Give Kudos for those who've earned it...(it's a rule)

    -> No more OP beings from outer space...

    Here's the format:

    Hero Name/Class and Race :


    Weapon and Description :

    Skills and Limit Break(discriptive) :

    Anything else...

    (Also don't forget to add your signature) 

    THIS THREAD IS NOW CLOSED.. Here's the link to the new thread: More Hero Suggestions!!

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    • Umm...let me begin..('s not a Necromancer)

      Bard (Human) :

      A travelling singer who wishes to share his gift to the world. Never belittle a Bard, for his Hexagun doesn't sound as good.

      A lone bard that travels the lands along with his lovely Harp and trusty Hexagun. He wishes to challenge talented songsters and prove his worth as a master of music.

      Crimson Melody (Battle Skill): A song to inspire all allies within [2/2/3/3/4] tiles to give them +[1/2/2/3/3] movement range for 1 turn.

      Tune of Fallacy (Limit Break)Torment all enemies with a deadly song that reduces [1/1/2/2/3] movement range for [1/2/2/3/3] turn(s).


      I made a Hexagun wielder since there aren't many in the game. The Bard anyhow would be a beautiful addition to the game as a good 'support' type hero. In my opinion he shouldn't be much of a good shot since he'd be more of a "singer...not a fighter" kind of guy.

      ...Your Turn


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    • I can't believe no one likes my suggestion.. Alright, this one's gonna be better..

      Thorn Maiden (Rose Elf / Spirit) :

      Along with old parables of crimson eyes and the valiant knights, the elves tell of another tale.. One about a maiden of the rose, who's beauty allured even the Gods themselves..

      The story tells about a cursed love between the fair maiden and a young wood sprite.

      ...about how the sprite wishes to save his love from the fate that the crimson eyes have fortold her.

      In the end he learns that the only way to extend her life would be by sacrificing his immortality. So, he takes her place and dies in her stead. The Great Goddess Gaea grants her eternal life as to honour to her lover's final wish...

      Since that day, each and every flower bearing her name grew thorns as to protect it.

      The beautiful elf maiden still wanders through forests and meadows. Her long hair has gone white and her eyes glow pink for she no longer sees death nor despair but the endless beauty of nature..

      Wall of Thorns (Battle Skill): Reduce damage taken by an ally by [15/30/45/60/75]% for a turn and also deal damage to the attacker.

      A Flower's Lament (Limit Break): Sacrifice [50/40/30/20/10]% of max HP to reduce incoming damage to all allies (including herself) by [100]% for a turn.


      The Thorn Maiden is supposed to be a 'weaponless' hero that is protected by the earth (thus only dealing damage when hit by an enemy.) It's skill also makes use of the same to protect an ally. The retaliation attack should be able to hit even Snipers...however it should be based on her attack stats (which shouldn't be much).

      The Thorn Maiden doesn't have any weapons since the nature does the defending and attacking for her. She should be given comparatively low HP and high movement range (a defender without defense!). Her high protecting power however would make her a good unit.

      This is supposed to be a limited hero like the Frost Witch.

      Sorry for the long read... do you like it?


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    • Hero Name/Class and Race :Gok'zarah - Superhero - Human

      Weapon and Description : Mintberry and Crunch (Aka his left and right fists )

      Skill and Limit Break(discriptive) : Battleskill: Shablagoo - Pink bubble of 100% protection that floats the target 1/1/2/2/3 squares in random direction

      Limit break : Mysterion - creates dummy that attracts enemy fire and has cheat death

      Passive skill: Geek - Seemingly harmless so all enemy troops ignore him unless only living troop left.

      Back-Story/Lore: Gok'zarah is actually an alien from a faraway planet: Kokujon, known throughout the universe for its berry mines - berries that have the power to fuel nearly anything.

      Edit: Beautiful idea.. maybe a bit OP.. - Frost

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    • Nice! I really like the interesting and creative ideas, at least its something fresh.

      Would love to see more.

      Edit: Why not add one of your own - Frost

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    • (a necromancer)

      Witch Doctor (Undead) :

      A practitioner of the dark arts for hire. Cast the forbidden necromancy spell on herself but was never partricularly interested in domnation or justice for that matter. Has forgotten most of the life she had before she died.


      An Eye for an Eye (Battle Skill): Give an ally the strength to exact vengeance. But all gifts come with a price. Damages recipient for [40/35/35/30/30]% of their max health. Grants them a 100% dmg and 100% defense boost for [1/1/2/2/3] turns.

      A Blind World (Limit Break)Curse your enemies and suffer the backlash. Damage all allies and all enemies. Damage allies for [50%/45%/40%/30%/30%] of their total health and damage enemies for [25/25/35/40/45]%.


      I wanted a hero from one of the "enemy" species. Also thought of damaging heros. But damaging enemies for percentages of their health is likely too damaging. You can kill the entire enemy team in two hits + change.


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    • (a real necromancer)

      frail stats

      Necromancer (Undead) :

      Lore: A traitor to the forces of evil. Fell in love with a rose elf and was ordered to kill her. When he didn't complete his mission someone else did. Revived her and ran away with her swearing vengeance.


      Just One More Time (Battle Skill): Revive an ally for a turn. Bring a dead ally back to life for a turn. They have 75% less attack but [50/60/75/90/100]% more defense and magic and are at 50% of their total health. The ally dies again at the beginning of your next turn. 3 turn cooldown. Damaging formerly dead allies does not fill the gaea break bar and formerly dead allies cannot perform gaea breaks. Skill counters are reduced by 1 but are paused each time the hero dies.

      One Last Time (Limit Break)Channel your energies to revive all dead allies. All formerly dead allies will return to being dead next turn. They have [50/45/40/35/30]% less attack and 50% more defense and magic. Damaging formerly dead allies does not fill the gaea break bar and formerly dead allies cannot perform gaea breaks.


      Necromancer that makes meatshields, but can also be used to deal large damage. Perhaps the revival point can be used strategically.


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    • Rune Templar (Human):

      A swordsman clad in armors inscribed with runes of an ancient magic. The ancient wordings allow his Sword to cleave through even the thickest of foes.

      Ancient Glyphs (Battle Skill): The Knight sacrifices [10]% of his Max HP and draws a rune (on any tile in the area). All ally units within 2 tiles of the 'Runed Tile' gets their stats inceased by [30/45/50/60/75]%. The Rune remains on the area for [1/1/2/2/3] turn(s).

      Spirit Lash (Limit Break): Attack an enemy for [75/100/120/140/150]% damage with a enchanted strike that heals the hero for [100]% of damage dealt.


      Most people hate sword and dagger wielders since they soak-in counter attacks and also tend to be a bit easy to squish. So, why not a knight that deals 'magic damage'(ignores defense).

      ...A self heal and a bit of 'regeneration' ability would also be something good for a close range unit.


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    • Traveller (Rose Elf):

      An elder of the rose elves. With his experience made on his various journeys, he is able to combine the forces of units fighting alongside him.

      Focus (Battle Skill): Combine the abilities of 2 adjacent heroes to unleash an attack on all enemies withing [1/2/2/3/5] tiles. Effect depends on the troops nearby.

      Unity (Gaea Break): Gather the powers of all living allies to damage enemys in an area for [2/4/6/8/10]% of their combined attack.


      Wielding a staff, his basic attack is of magic nature.

      The intention i had with this hero is to create an ability that can do totally different things depending on what units are close to him. Whiz & archer could for example cast rain of fire. Using this skill between priest and Knight or King would cast e.g. a holy sword to strike down on enemys.

      Would make him flexible to use. Once you figured out what attack is unleased with which cobination, you can use this to your advantage and make the game even more tactical concerning unit placement

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    • Spirit Shaman (Human?):

      With the ability to summon spirits to aid him in battle, the Shaman is a warrior and a keeper of the spiritual forces within nature..

      He must be able to choose between a Staff and a Spear.

      Summon: Totem (Battle Skill): Summon a Totem on any Tile with 3 tile range of the hero.The totem effect is decided according to the race of the hero within 2 tiles of the totem (at the summoned turn).

      ->Totem of Life: Shield all allies for [10/15/20/25/30] HP at the start of your turn. (when no allies nearby)

      ->Totem of the Beast: Increase the stats of all Ursus and Barghest by [3/6/9/12/15]%.

      ->Totem of the Flower: Increase the stats of all Rose Elves by [3/6/9/12/15]%.

      ->Totem of the Soul: Increase the stats of all Humans(allies) by [3/6/9/12/15]%.

      ->Totem of Grace: Increase the stats of all aliies by [3/6/9/12/15]%. (only maybe 5% chance of summoning)

      Totems last for 2 turns after the summoned turn. A Totem takes up one tile.

      Devouring Spirits (Limit Break): Invoke the spirits and send them to possess an enemy unit for [1/1/2/2/3] turns. The possesed enemy is dealt [45/65/65/75/75]% attack damage during each turn of the possesion. (The Possesed enemy attacks anything near him, friend or foe).


      The thought of a hero that can change between battles got me pretty excited. Also the new 'summon' skill could be taken up a level. 

      I might have taken the concept for the totems from Chill's idea... the traveller seemed OP.


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    • Shadow Mage (Mage, Human)

      Stones Required for Promotion: King, Mage, Bandit

      Story: 200 years ago, bandits captured by the Queen's armies were sent to The Collegium for their darker experiments.  A few prisoners escaped after one experiment blasted a hole into deep caves.

      Several years later, towns in Midvale are reporting murders by the dozens. One witness thought they felt shadows creeping up behind them before they heard a gurgling scream down an alley.

      Weapon: Staves

      Armor: Tunics/Robes, Hats/Cowls, and a Trinket.


      Activated Skills

      Shadow Surge (Battle Skill) (R, N, E, M, C):

      1st Turn - Project an enveloping shadow field on a target (within 3 tiles). The target becomes afraid and cannot move for one turn. Additionally, the Shadow Mage becomes invisible to the enemy team within the field, is randomly given a new location within the field, and gains a [20]% bonus to Defense and Magic.

      2nd Turn - Strike the initial target with Shadow Magic, dealing [100/125/150/175/200]% damage.  The shadow field disappates, the enemy regains control (if alive), and the Shadow Mage loses all defensive bonuses given by this skill.  The Shadow Mage also becomes visible (starts the 2-turn cooldown for her Legendary skill, if she has learned it.)

      Enemies may attack any part of the shadows for a chance to attack the Shadow Mage.

      Enveloping Darkness (Limit Break) (N, E, M, C, L): The Shadow Mage cloaks the entire area with Shadow Magic for [3] turns. The Shadow Mage's allies are given new random locations within [1/1/2/3/4] tiles and become invisible. This invisibility lasts for [3] turns, unless the Shadow Mage is killed or an ally attacks an opponent. Additionally, enemies become frightened and receive [0/1/2/3/5]% of their max HP in damage every turn while under this spell.

      Passive Skills

      Emanating Shadows (N): Increases in-battle dodge chance by [1/3/6/10/15]%.

      Mania (1st point Rookie, E): Has a [35/30/25/20/10]% chance of hurting herself when attacking.

      Eerie Laughter (M): All targets within [1/1/1/2/3] tiles receive [2/4/6/8/10]% damage, based on the Shadow Mage's magic stat, and can critically hurt targets.  This passive does not become active until the player's second turn.

      Shadow Screen (L): The Shadow Mage starts a battle invisible.  If she attacks an opponent she becomes visible for [2] turns, regaining her invisibility on the following turn.

      Notes: I don't know if this is overpowered or not, but it is likely impossible to implement into the game anyways.

      To make her ability to cloak herself and others, I thought to add some negative effects to her passives in order to tone down her power.  Maybe I could change Mania into an ability that is degenerative, and make Eerie Laughter an ability that regenerates her?

      - Her basic attack is single-target and its range is 3 tiles. 

      - Shadow Surge's shadow field paints a shadowy area that includes the target and everything within 3 tiles.

      - All of her damage is based on her Magic stat (no Attack power).

      - The rest of her stats would be predicably low in HP, medium-low in Defense, medium in Skill, medium-high in Magic, 80% Accuracy, 5% Dodge, and 10% Crit.

      - She can move 7 tiles and has similar ability to "jump" elevations as the "Hero/King."


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    • I really love M333bz's suggestion...i haven't been suggesting for a while, been out of ideas. But since Santa Guard came out and people started commenting how useless defenders are in the game, it struck me...and so here's my latest suggestion..


      A tough defender who has woved to protect his allies even at the cost of his life. This time, i'd like to see a defender wielding a shield and a sword. Sentinels are elite guardians that heil from the lands of Queen's Hold to aid against the growing threat of the mirror.

      Challenger's Howl(Battle Skill): Enemy units cannot attack (hero)units within [1/2/3/3/4] tiles of the Sentinel for [1/1/1/2/2] turns. Reduce sentinels movement by 1-Tile when is skill active. (The sentinel can still be targetted. Skill cooldown:high.)

      Guardian's Will(Limit Break): Sentinel only recieves [50]% damage from all incomming attacks for the next [1/2/3/4/5] turns.

      Passive Skills:

      Iron Bulwark(E) The Sentinel resists [10/15/20/25/30]% of damage from melee attacks, but is 30% weaker to bows.

      Shield Bash(M) This hero's attacks have [25]% chance to deal [30/35/40/45/50]% more damage to enemies. (opposite of glancing)


      The Valkyrie and Guard, even though are known as defender classes, do not have much use since they can only protect a single hero every 2 turns. They also get a lot of damage from their skill since it considers the DEF of the protected unit that the protecter. They are least prefered since a battle leans towards the team with the best attack power.

      But a defender like the Sentinel can turn tables since he can actually defend a group of people. Attack wouldn't be all that governs the battle. This guy's attacks however shouldn't be much good. He isn't as weak as other defender's against magic either.


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    • For what it's worth, here's my next suggestion.


      Ferocious and bloodthirsty beasts with a knack for wrecking havoc in battles. A single Berserker can change the tide of war with their mindless yet tremendous fury. They are the last of the Bloodfang tribe hailing from further north of the wolflands. They are easily the mightiest among the barghest; bigger, stronger, and more viscious.

      They wield nothing more than their bloody fangs and claws to tear at their foes.(No weapon) This is also the reason for the name of their tribe.

      Bestial Fury(Battle Skill): The Berserker pounces on the enemy dealing [100/115/125/135/150]% damage to the target and all adjecent units{enemies and allies(75% damge)}. (Max range 2-Tiles)

      Transcendental Wrath(Limit Break): The Berserker becomes invulnerable to damage for [1/1/2/2] turns. His attack is also increased by [50%] for 2 turns. After 2 turns, the Berserker's is stunned for [3/2/2/1] turn(s).

      Passive Skills:

      Wild Instinct(E) The Berserker cannot be targeted by any ally's skills, but increase HP by +[80/160/240/320/400] (Flat amount).

      Lone Wolf(C) This unit gains [2/4/6/8/10]% attack for each enemy within 2-tiles but also loses [2%] hit for each ally within 2-tiles.

      Bloodthirst(L) The Berserker gains [2/4]% more attack for each enemy alive on the field.


      There are a lot of units that work well with others, so i wanted a units to have a solo fighting style. The Berserkers are the wild vanguard units with very high health and attack power. They wear little to no armor which makes them pretty swift and agile. This however leaves them defenseless towards attacks. Since they are a battle hardened race and can wield their own hands into battle, they tend to have good accuracy and skill.

      Such a unit could work awesomely well. They can take on numbers of foes for the cost of their own blood and body. They cannot be shielded or protected during battles. They don't care about the dancers either.

      Hope you guys like it. A bit of thought went into this one.


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    • With the return of the Black Powder Tower event, the Bombardier is a much sought out unit. The Bombs however do not have many takers since they are useless without the Bombardier. So, i've been thinking of a new hero that might be able to use these explosives.

      Potion Slinger(Human)

      A rookie alchemist who had been training the art of mixing potions and tonics, the Potion Slinger was kicked out his phrontistery for his mischievous behaviour. He always loved breaking things and making stuff go BOOM!

      He is known for pilfering his master's tome on 'Advance Elixirs and Transmutations'. He sold it to a 'kind' stranger for 15 shilling...or so he tells.

      I know, he might not be someone best suited for Bombs. But Potions are also volatile and round.. He uses his trusty sling to shoot these potions at his enemies.

      Concoction for Chaos(Battle Skill): The Potion Slinger slingshots a bottle of potion on an empty tile to have one of the following effects by random:

      -> No effect:      "Oops! That one was my water bottle.."

      -> Gluey Tile: The targeted tile gets smeared with a thick and sticky goo which lasts for [1/1/2/2/3] turns. Any unit that walks over it gets trapped during their next turn for 1-Turn.     "This is a special home-made recipe, extra gooey but sticks sort of the same.."

      -> Acid Tiles: The targeted and adjecent tiles get spewd in concentrated acid. Enemies who walk over it get poison damage for 2 turns. Units standing on the tile gets [100/200/300/400/500] damage at the start of each turn. Theses tiles last for 3 turns.     "Shizzle and a Pop.."

      -> Slime(Summon): Summons a jello pudding monster to fight for you. Slimes are strang alchemical creatures, sometimes stored in potions to help take care of sticky situations. They have movement range of 3-Tiles and Attack range of 2-Tiles. They last for 3 turns after the summoned turn.(summoned unit's stat depends on skill level)                  "Grimer! I choose you!"

      This skill can be trained only at {N/E/M/C} ranks. Also has very low cool-down. 

      Alchemical Mayhem(Limit Break): The Potion Slinger alchemically infuses his armor with his gooey potions to cover himself in a layer of slime. Thus turning himself into a half-goo monstrocity for [2/3/4/5/6] turns.

      This increases his maximum atk range to 4-Tiles and reduces his minimum atk range to 1. This however reduces is movement range by 1. This also changes his battle skill.      "This isn't even my final form!! Hahahaha!"

      Acid Splash(Battle Skill- after going super saiyan): A splash of burning acid to hit the target and adjecent enemies for [100/115/125/135/150]% damage, and a poison over 3 turns based on skill and attack. (Range:1-Tile(Reverse Cone:2), Cool-down: 4 Turns)

      Passive Skills:

      Odd Ingredients(M) Attacking has a [20/25/30/35/40]% chance to apply a poison on an enemy for [2 turns]. "..two fermented newt eyes decomposing rat tail ..a bit of bone meal ..and a cup of goat milk slightly boiled but not stirred"

      Combustible(C) Take [50%] extra damage from Fire. Attacking an enemy makes it weaker to fire damage by [20/40/60]% for 2 turns.


      I know, this is a crazy suggestion, but it was fun coming up with something like this. I just wanted this guy to be as random and absurd as possible. Just imagine a humanoid green slime trotting towards the enemy..

      Sorry for the long read though.


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    • Ninja (Rose Elf):

      A ronin (masterless warrior) who works alone he is able to wield a katana, bow (not crossbow), staff, or dagger.  However, as a natural loner, he drops the stats of all allies within two squares.  [Using lone wolf at the Novice stage as his passive skill, and enhanced dodge as another passive skill.]  He moves well (the same number of squares as a wood nymph, but is incapable of being blocked unless no unused open square is available in his range), and is idealy used to encircle the enemy and attack from their rear. 

      While he has aggressive attack stats to match a dragoon, his Achillies heel is that if he is the last remaining member, he kills himself. 


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    • Drako the Dragon Tamer
      Rumors say he was raised by a dragon and taken under the care of the Dragoons. Although he may not be the strongest Dragoon, his timid personality is adored by dragons alike.

      **NOTE: Drako's defence is equal to that of a Dancer and attack equal to that of a Guard**

      Hero Info: 

      Race: Human
      Rarirty: Limited
      Movement Range: 2-Tiles
      Minimum Attack Range: 2-Tiles
      Maximum Attack Range: 2-Tiles

      Promotion and Equipment

      Stones: Beast Stone, King Stone, Cleric Stone
      Weapon: Lance
      Armor: Mail
      Headgear: Helm


      Same skills as your normal Dragoon with the exception that Jump is replaced with a new skill. Also, Dragon Scales, Glancing, and Dragon Fire only effect your summoned dragon.

      Summmon Dragon(Batle Skill): Summon a fire breathing dragon. {Rank N/E/M/C/L}</br> Skill Range: 1-Tile
      Cool-down: 4 Turns

      **NOTE: Drako cannot move/attack while the summoned dragon is active and only one dragon can be summoned at a time**

      Summoned Dragon
      Skill Range: 2-Tile
      Movement Range: 4-Tiles

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    • Before I go into my next suggestion, i hope you guys wont mind my opinion about other suggestions..

      "One of three races of elves, the Rose Elves are a major power. Their Kingdom is the Caerholme, a land of knights and castles."

      I don't think a Ninja sort of unit would work among the Rose Elves. But a human (coming from a distant land beyond many seas) maybe.  :P

      Wouldn't the ablility to use every weapon make the guy OP? If you still want to go with a ronin sort of Rose elf unit, i would suggest an Exiled Knight version of the Rose Knight.

      It also bothers me that he would kill himself.. I thought only samurais did that.. 

      Dragon Tamer
      I love this suggestion and would be cool if he wasn't a unique charecter and instead another dragon-taught class. A tough fighter who can call a single baby dragon to fight with him and lasts till it is killed by the enemies. To balance him, i would recommend only allowing him to use his skill once per battle.

      But, don't you think that the dragon needs a skill of it's own? Also you've forgotten to add your name at the end.

      Now here's my next suggestion..

      Pyromaniac (Human)

      Obsessed and enthralled with the power of fire that consumes everything in it's path, the Pyromaniacs wish to harness the power of the flames against their unlucky foes.

      Unlike Wizards taught in the art of arcane flame magic, Pyromaniacs uses Vials(Similar to Potions and Bombs) of oil and other combustible liquids to set ablaze anything near him. His normal attack can reach to 1-Tile (to all sides) as he spits fire making use of the oil and a torch. This hits both friends and foes.

      Hungry Flames(Battle Skill): The Pyromaniac chooses a single random enemy unit from within 3-Tiles to set it ablaze dealing [150/175/200/225/250]% damage.

      Wildfire(Limit Break):The Pyromaniac burns a single tile (Burning Tile) which slowly expands to [0/1/2/3/4] adjecent tile(s) per turn (creating more Burning Tiles).The spread of the flames lasts for 4 turns. (Break Radius: 3-Tiles)

      Burning Tiles- These tiles deal [50/100/150/200/250] damage to the occupant at the beginning of each turn. A Burning Tile dies out after 3 turns.

      Passive Skills:

      Wild Instinct(E) Passive from my Berserker suggestion..

      Playing with Fire(M) Take [15/30/45/60/75]% less damage from Fire. Lose 50 HP at the start of your each turn.


      In LHT, most fire based attacks are magic in nature. I wanted to suggest something or someone crazy enough to try and take control of real flames (physical damage). This guy might be a lot similar to the Red Wizard but unlike them, the Pyros have better reflex/skill but lesser attack (due to it being normal fire). They also have lower attack-ranges and is supposed to be a lot more random.

      I really like the Burning Tile effect and would love to see it happen in the game. It isn't too different from the Lunar Tiles of the Moon Druid.


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    • In response to FrozenEternity's opinion on my suggested Ninja: I like all of FE's points, except as to the Ninja's suicide.  While it is true that under the Samarai code, the warrior class would take their own lives as a result of dishonor, there are many other incidences of suicide.  The remaining Jews at Masada; Roman ceasors, senators, and generals; women upon learning that their city was about to fall to the Mongolian horde.  Even today, Japan ranks as the county with the highest rate of suicides.  Under my scenario, the ronin had hoped to find his way with his new friends, but even this dream was dashed.  In this instance (the ninja's suicide), I like the strategic aspect to this hero ability.  If defending against him, there is an incentive to ignore him.  If attacking with him, you must send him away fast and hope that the other side spends excessive moves removing him thus allowing for better placement of your remaining heroes. 

      I also really like the Pyromanic suggestion!  I would buy that hero, for sure. 

      On to my next suggestion:

      Special Forces Ranger (human) - Armed as a Rouge/Armored as a Dragoon

      A force multiplier, this triple tabbed ranger seeks danger while enhancing the rest of the team.

      Death from Above (Battle Skill):  He proves cover with this blanket attack (3x4 squares) at [80/85/90/95/110]% of his attack rating. 

      Psychological Warfare (or PSYOPs) [Limit Break] All enemy heroes lose their next turn.

      Passive Skills:

      Team First - Adds +[30/50/70/105/200] shield to all allies within three squares. 


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    • Before I go into my next suggestion, I have to say that I understand Minami's point about the Ninja killing himself in battle..And I agree it could be a good tactic if introduced in the game. But a Special Forces Ranger?!?

      Special Forces Ranger
      I'm not sure how to respond to that.. Hexaguns, unlike guns using gunpowder, uses stored magic to shoot out projectiles at high speeds but lack accuracy and only works at close ranges.

      It isn't that i am against the suggestion, just that it doesn't seem to fit in with the rest of the stuff. I think i understand where your inspiration for the unit comes from. Try going lot more along the lines of High Fantasy..I'm sure you can come up with better suggestions. 

      And now, here's my next suggestion.. (i might have to work with it a bit more..)

      Beast Rider(Human)

      From the vast deserts of Ibram hails great riders upon their ferocious beasts, weilding lances to skewer through both flesh and bones of their foes.. 

      With a Lance, the Rider's normal attacks have a range of 2-Tiles. The beast's good movement capabilities gives them good move range similar to the Thief and Assassin. 

      Vicious Bite(Battle Skill): The beast takes a bite out of a foe dealing [100/115/125/140/150]% damage. The targetted unit's skill cool-down increases by 2 turns. (Skill Range: 1-Tile, Low cool-down)

      Predator's Cry(Limit Break): The beast lets out a blood curling roar which targets upto [1/1/2/2/3] enemie(s) (randomly) making then unable to attack during the next [1/2/2/3/3] turn(s). This limit break does not deal any damage.. The enemies can still move during their turns.

      Passive Skills

      Intimidate(M) Reduce defense and dodge of nearby enemies by [3/6/9/12/15]% for each enemy nearby (2-Tiles)


      This is a simple vanguard unit i had to come up with in order to reply to Minami. I still think it is pretty cool. It's battle skill has low cool-down allowing it to deal good damage at a good rate along with crippling effects disabling an enemy's skill. This is a simple front line damage dealer without any other complex strategies.

      Afterall, many people have been suggesting a cavalry sort of unit in the other forums.. I also want beast types units to be more than just Beast-Men...


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    • Not high fantasy enough?  I hope this next suggestion fits the bill...

      High Priest (Human)

      From the lowly, arid deserts of the Middle East comes a character which is blessed as the only human that is allowed direct communication with the Almighty, albeit yes or no answers.  

      Scapegoat (Battle Skill):  This allows the transfer of all deficiet damge [60/70/80/90/100%] from all remaining units onto a single unit (which may result in the demise of that unit).

      Dry Bones (Limit Break): The resurrection of one dead unit.

      Passive Skills

      Divine Rath Add [150/200/250/300/350] points to Attk stat during battle. 

      - Minami

      I am relunctant to sign up for this forum for fear that they will sell my email to third parties, which will stuff my email box with numerous unsoliciated ads.  Am I overly concerned or is this a reality? 

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    • Again, before my next suggestion, here's my opinion about the previous idea by Minami

      High Priest
      I do agree, this is a better suggestion but the game already has a Priest which at Legendary rank can be called a High Priest. Similar to each units in the game, the suggestions too should have a capacity to evolve into better versions. A High Priest or Arch Mages are simply supposed to be legend versions of mages and priest. I think you guys get what i mean.

      In Lionheart, there is no one single almighty god. There used to be a lot of dieties and old gods (Gaea being the last among them). Rebellum was also considered a god.

      Response to Minami:

      I think I understand your inspiration for this unit too. Considering the fact that the charecter is from the deserts of middle east and with skills like those... but in LHT the world isn't the same as ours. And i'm sure high priests aren't supposed to resurrect the dead..(unless if he's following an evil god) I'm also sure you can come up with better names than scapegoat... i do like how it works though.

      And I can assure you that there wont be any problems if you use your e-mail to sign up in the wikia. Atleast, i'm not having any trouble because of it.

      here's my next suggestion..

      Oracle(Rose Elf)

      With Rose Eyes which grant them glimpses of the future, the Oracles have tamed their crimson curse to help her allies from impending harm. They also have limited healing capabilities and make use of Staves to aid them.

      Forsight(Battle Skill): Negate the next [1/1/2/2/3] attacks recieved by an ally within the next turn. Also cast a healing spell on the targetted ally for [10/25/50/100/200] HP per turn for 3 turns. (Trainiable at N/E/M/L ranks, Cool-down: Medium, this cannot be applied on self)

      Rewritten Fate(Limit Break): Heal all allies and increase their core stats by [6/12/18/24/30]% for 3 turns.


      A Oracle's healing style revolves around damage interception, creating barriers around a single ally. Thus, rather than healing damage after its done, these techniques prevent damage from being taken in the first place. A barrier placed on a target can completely nullify a predetermined number of attacks.

      I think such a unit would be be found more usefull in battles than healer type units even though they have lower healing capabilities. Currently there are also no magic using elves in the game.

      This unit is inspired by the Kannagi/ShrinePriest class from LogHorizon(anime).


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    • First off, Kudos to FrozenEternity on two issues: he did not point out my spelling error [I used the word "Rath" rather than "Wrath"] showing a modest but confident personality; and his ability to slightly modify my pedistrian suggestions into a chacter that somewhat meets the decourm evidencing his solution solving skills.

      Next suggestion:


      While not typically a race known for anything other than battle prowless and brutal strength, this illusionist has mastered the rare native herbs, which has produced some rudimentary magical.

      Double Vision(Battle Skill): Utilizing a powder from an herbal extract, the illusionist can appear to double to everyone.  The double is not able to attack, but takes hits until his HP are brought to zero.  If the real illusionist is killed, then both disappear.  But if only the double is killed, only the double disappears.  The double loasts [1/2/3/4/5] turns.

      Closing Act(Limit Break): This illusionist is able to transport one ally [n/e/m/l/c] onto any open square on the board, but the transported character loses a turn. 

      Passive Skills:

      Practice: As a performer, this character loses defense when near enemy units.  In this case, [-30/-25/-20/-15/-10]% for each boarding unit.


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    • Umm..thanks for the compliment. I wouldn't actually say that i'm a confident sort of person. It took me a while to post a reply because i was kind of out of ideas..


      I really like the Illutionist idea since it suggests that even among the wild Bargest there can be a few who prefer more tactical approach than swinging a huge hammer at everything they see. I would really like to see a primal magic using Barghest.. 

      But i must say, i am confused by it's Limit Break. There aren't many big battles in LHT which might require you to sacrifice your Gaea Break to simply move another unit a bit futher. The battleskill would surely work as a decent decoy. But i would have loved if he was still a bit wild unlike a performer sort of charecter...maybe, we could add the word 'Feral' before his name.. it would sound much cooler for a barghest unit.

      Here's my suggestion..


      Spellbanes are units excelling in battles against magic users. With mastery over magic and arcane knowledge, these rogues are capable to withstand even the most powerful of spells.

      They use enchanted Daggers and are capable of swift movement to close the distance between them and the back line spell-casters.

      Mana Break(Battle Skill): Slash at the enemy to deal damage based on the enemy's magic stats (Higher stat = Higher damage). The damage increases according to skill level.

      Dispell(Limit Break): Silence all magic users for [1/1/2/2/3] dealing moderate damage. (Silenced units cannot use skills) The damage increases according to skill level.

      Passive Skill

      Arcane Disruption(M) Nullify the Auras of enemies within 2-Tiles, and increase your hero's magic stats by [0/10/20/30/40].


      SpellBreakers are among generic rpg classes. They tend to have moderate health and damage and are pretty strong against magic weilding units. Since there are strong magic users in the game like Frost Witch, Death Priestess and the RuneBinder, I do think it would be cool to have an anti magic unit.


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    • This is Maeda's idea that he had posted in the LHT forums quite a while ago. I really liked it and wanted to add it here too.. now that i have his permission, here it is..

      Blind Bowmaiden(Rose Elf)

      One of the very few last Bowmaiden who watch over the shrines of Caerholme. With ears as sharp as the night, she can shoot at enemies who make even the slightest sound.

      Stones: 1x Star, 1x Marksman, 1x Guardian

      Decoy Bell(Battle Skill): The Bowmaiden create a Decoy Tile. Enemy who step on or adjacent to the tile gets a Reactive Shot from the Bowmaiden at 100/110/120/130/150% damage. (Cool-down: 3 turns)

      Decoy Tiles allows the bowmaiden to locate enemy units. These tiles last 2 turns, 

      Pin Down(Limit Break): Reactive Shot at any enemy who moves the next turn at 200% damage.

      Passive Skills:

      Reactive Shot(R) Innate skill of the Bowmaiden. Normal attack has -30% hit but Reactive Shot has full Hit and 5/10/15/20/25% damage. (Start with 1 point upon unit creation)

      Scatttered Arrow(C) Critical hits have [10/20/30/40/50]% chance to deal additional 50% splash damage to adjacent enemies.

      Cover Shot(L) If an allies within her range is attacked, Bowmaiden Has [30%] Chance to Reactive Shot at the attacker.


      Well, the concept of reactive shot is simple. Since the bowmaiden is blind, she makes use of her other senses to hit her target. This means that her normal attacks lack accuracy. But unlike normal attacks, reactive shots trigger under different conditions like countering and stuff.

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    •  Pirate ( Sea elf)

      Having plunder the coasts of the summerlands for many year, she was finally compelled to lost her sea legs and help in the fight against the evil that threatens the land.

      What pirate wouldnt be complete without a trusty Hexagun

      Stones- 2 bandit and 1 spirit


      Passive- Sealegs- Not quite used to the solidarity of land, she still wobbles back and forth abit (Dodge % 10/30/30/40/50)

      Active- Pass the rum- throws a bottle of rum at an enemy to lower accuracy (10/20/30/40/50%)

      Limit break- Cannon Ball - fires a cannon ball in a straight path damaging anyone in its path(damage 110/120/130/140/150% and range 5/5/6/6/7)

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    • Javelin Thrower (human)

      Story: Not much is known about Javelin Thrower, as he mostly keeps to himself. He lived alone on a small island hunting for himself when he was a child.

      Skill: Javelin Toss (Active every 4 turns): Deals 5x damage to units in 2 consective squares.  

      Limit break: Javelin Hurl: Deals 10x damage to 2 consective squares. Pierced units are stuck together for 10 turns.

      Passive skills: NA

      Attacks like a spear unit. Can only attack units 2 squares away, and pierces. Very low movment, skills have very big range. Very high armor, and hp, but very low damage. 

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    • Beach Princess

      Story: Born into the royal family she was subject to the proper ways of the palace  Her dad the king, rarely came home and when he did he was moody. One day her father set up a marage for her that she could not accept. She ran away at the age of 12 to live on the beach were she worked serving drinks.

      Skill: Enlighten (Every other turn): Target unit gains 10% maximum health for the remainder of the battle. Stacks.

      Limit break: Godess of Beauty: All friendly units cannot move or attack for the remainder of the battle. Beach Princess gains +25% attack and health for each petrified friendly unit. 

      Passive skills: Charm: Enemy units within 1 tile of beach princess have a 1% chance to be converted to a friendly creature. (when fully upgraded 5%)

      Low to normal attack, high health. 

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    • I really like Secret Wielder's ranged-lance using hero suggestion, the unit's skills are pretty cool too. After a long while, here's another suggestion of mine..

      Soul Weaver(Human)

      Unlike Wizards and Mages who who call upon arcane or natural energies, the Soulweavers can mold and weave through the very essence of a living soul. They make use of these abilities along with their daggers to aid their allies in battle.

      Unlike other dagger wielders, the Weaver is capable of attacking enemies at further ranges with his Wandering Soul passive instead of the usual Multi-strike.

      Stones: Spirit Stone, Star Stone and Acrobat Stone..

      Soul Bind(Battle Skill): Bind your soul with that of an ally for the rest of the battle. The soulbound ally's core stats increases by [5/10/15/20/25]% for the rest of the battle. [25%] of the all damages recieved by the soulbound ally is transfered to the Weaver.

      This skill can only be used once and cannot be refreshed by a Sage's Haste. Death of a soulbound ally refreshes the skill.

      This skill can only be trained at {R/N/E/M/C} ranks.

      Soul Shatter(Limit Break): The Weaver shatters the souls of an enemy target dealing [200/250/300/350/400]% damage and uses the shattered fragments to forge another bond*. Break-range: 3-Tiles (from either the Weaver or the Soulbound)

      • Soul Shatter refreshes Soul Bind.

      Passive Skills:

      Spirit-Strike(E) This hero has a [50/65/75/85/100]% chance to attack a random enemy unit within 2-tiles of either himself or his soulbound ally.

      Lingering Soul(M) This hero has a 25% chance to survive death with 1 HP. When the Soul Weaver dies, shield(heal) all soulbound allies to their max health.

      Astral Nexus(C) Effects of auras recieved by both the Weaver and the Soulbound are shared with each other. The effects may stack.


      I did put a lot of thought into this guy's skills. I think the Soul Bind skill would be cool since it makes you choose a single hero you wish to support for the rest of the battle. It cannot stack or be used again until the soulbound dies.

      The Weaver being a semi-support unit, does not have much attack and has a medium amount of health. Also low defense and high magic stats like the wizards. Anyhow, passives like Astral Nexus could strengthen the weaver quite a bit.

      There is also an aspect of tactic where the Weaver could be sacrificed to save the Soulbounds using his Lingering Soul passive.

      Personally, I believe this is my best suggestion so far.. I can't say for sure though, i don't get kudos for any of them. :)


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    • Deamon Hunter

      Race: Human

      Story: Deamon Hunter started hunting animals for game at a young age. At the age of 6 he become a protegy due to his ability to take down the toughest of foes. By the age of 10 he was hired as a full time mercinary, and by 12 he inlisted in the royal army, and became a legond due to the sheer number of kills. At 18 he became a full time fighter, and gained the title of the people's champion. 

      Skill: (0) Preform the last used skill. (Cannot be a limit break).

      Limit break: This hero will have [2/3/4/5/6] back to back turns.

      Stat Notes: Low health, 1 attack, high defence/magic

      Passive skills: 

      Unblockible: Attacks cannot be reduced, or miss.

      Swath: [2/4/6/8/10]% chance to reduce enemies health to 1 upon attack. Does not work on bosses. 

      Cheat Death: This hero gains a [20/25/30/40/50]% chance to survive a killing blow with 1 HP. 

      Unicorn: The hero gains a shield of [10/20/30/40/50] HP each turn. 

      Zealot Sword: The hero has a [50%] chance to counter-attack twice


      Notes: I started thinking of something like this 2 days ago, and so I finaly decided to write it down. Though i am a but unsure how strong it would be in acctual play, but it seems fairly ballanced. The skill is very unique, as it changes due to the last skill you used, and because it has 0 timer instead of 1 it can be spamed by the limit break. The limit break is like the perfect complement making both the passive swath, and the active skill very useful whilst still being extreemly versitile.

      - SW

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    • Name: Crow Father Race: ursus/undead Weapon: staff Clothing: hood,chestplate (with accessories)

      Story: the ursus have always been an honourable and proud race. But there are some amount them who still practice the darker arts. Before the collapse of their empire a runebinder named Ramus Had come across a scroll in their archives. It had been sealed by corruption (from the mirror). Ramus knew it was forbidden to gaze upon lost knowledge...but he was blinded by greed, and was worried another member of the clan may read it. So of course he opend it.

      He couldn't belive his eyes. Enscribed upon the page was a recipe to fuse a soul with a another living thing. He rushed straight to his chamber and immediately started experimenting with all sorts of animals he found in the frozen wastes. All of the specimens died within a day. But the most stable test subject was a crow.

      After a while Rebellum, the God of the ursoc, had discovered Ramus and his abominations and was swiftly executed, his research destroyed, and peace was restored. "You cannot kill progress my friends" those were his dying words. His body may be destroyed...but NOT HIS SOUL!!! While Ramus was trapped in limbo, he sensed a presence nest to him. A crow. His disembodied spirit laughed manically and lached itself to the winged avian. In an instant the crows body be twisted and distorted. In no time at all the crow had taken the form of an ursoc, draped in a robe made of feathers. But his face was dripping with a dark green liquid. He had realised what he had become. A monster.

      Too ashamed to show his face, he left stormfurbay, traveling as an adventure. To find a way to fix his body.

      Battle skill: "Crow's Redemption"= Restore up to (20,30,40,50,60) health to an ally. But in the process you lose (10,20,30,40) health.

      Gaea break: "Forbidden Secrets"= Take control of an enemy and use it against your foe. Lasts up to 2 turns. On last turn the enemy dies and crow father gains its health. (Basically a KO attack).


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    • Oh, good to see it's still sorta active. I have been with heroes in mind all day, and what a pleasure to see so many good suggestions here. : ) I'm sorry I'm not good with the number parts and percentages!

      Here goes my first suggestion,  and then some general notes : 


      Race : Female Barghest

      Unlike the rest of huntresses, the Barghest Beastmaster wields her whip not to strike down prey, but to steer it to her command.

      Weapon : Whip

      Her attacking range is similar to a medium range.

      Since we have Gladiators to side with the Warriors, I wondered if there could not be another combat style to the wolfwomen, too. I was thinking magic, but decided to go with this. Now, I envisioned two possibilities. One being a summoner, the other just a medium-rage stunner.

      Option A )

      Skill :  Pack Partner

      Summons a wolf from the beastmaster's pack to aid in the battlefield.  It can defend it's mistress from hits if nearby.

      The wolf functions similar to the skeletal summons Death Priestess has already presented to the game.

      Leveling up the skill will raise the wolf's attributes. If it's close by, it'll take the hit for the character. 

      Cooldown of three turns. With enough patience, you could call up the whole pack to play. : ) 

      Break :  Fierce Dominatrix

      With a menacing whipslash and a ferocious howl, the beastmaster shuns foes into submission, lowering their defense during 3 turns.

      A counterpart break to the Warrior's party attack boost.

      Option B ) If the summoning bit is somehow over the top, then I'd just give her sprite a mount or something, instead of the summoning regular skill, and have her either have a multi-tile whip swing or maybe use a hawk to deliver a critical hit from  the sky. : D 

      Now, for the general notes...

      All my ideas follow 3 guidelines, and can so be grouped in 3 categories 

      1 )  What's lacking a symbolic counterpart?  Be it a character ( 2 male beasts  x 1 female beast ) or some sort of skill ( too many refreshers, but no debuffer or attack boost but no defense downer ) , I aim for whatever needs an equivalent on the other side of the scale.

      So, I have in mind things like a....

      - second female barghest class ( as i already mentioned )

      - meele southpaw ursoc hammer class ( such as there's polar runebinder)

      - mage male rose elf class ( one swordsman,  2 bowmaidens, but no spellcaster . unless it's a Gerudo sort of thing.)

      - different debuffers ( to go with the turn refreshers such as dancer and princess, who grant similar bonuses)

      We could have an elven minstrel, for instance, who buffed allies or debuffed enemies, 'stead of refreshing turns.

      2 ) Weaponry. 

      We have lots of staves and spears. We also have some weaponless people that do not attack, ia decent number of swordies...but only pairs that wield bows and daggers, and some weapons that are exclusive to a certain special class and end up piling up useless spares if that one character's already got one in use.

      ( I do, however, think that slot could be used to give the dancer a veil or tamborine, and the princess the regal regalia she uses in artwork that boost other complementary attributes, not their attack stat. )

      So, I look foward to envisioning and suggesting Konkregate invest in more classes that can arm themselves with 

      hexaguns, warhammers, warbows, handbombs, and the sort. 

      3 ) Worldbuilding. So, besides filling what's lacking and making use of skill opposites, what's already been laid out but left untouched ?  We see people hailing Ibram/Ibris, we know there might be a coast to that Stormfur Bay, the tribes from the North Wolflands... : )

      And that leaves me with some little ideas, such as 

      - pirates, people from a distant land. this could give good use to hexaguns and bombs, i bet.

      - humans from the faraway tribes, less knightly and more fur-clothed, living a different lifestyle than that of castles.

      - jackals as the last beast race that's not playable. mayhaps we could get a few that got smarter than the rest, or enlighted by their dead deities. 

      a female charmcaster shaman, for instance. or a clever trickster jackal that wields handbombs. either calmer or wittier than the rest of their race, trying to guide their kin back from the fall of madness.

      ) Oh well, that's just a splash of ideas out there. Hope you help me sharpen up, and we can all keep helping Kongregate and Kev make LHT an splenderous, note-worthy game app that's unlike any other mobile gaming experience!


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    • Before I add another suggestion, I figure it would be good to comment on previous ones that caught my eye.

      I had written already, but my browser crashed, too many tabs. Hope I can do it all over.

      Is there an active thread on the forums too, where Maeda suggested his heroine? Suggestions over there can stand out more, I guess. Maybe someone artsy can even draft some designs for their fan favourites! : D

      • Potion Slinger is not absurd, it's actually awesome. It makes a nice brewer-buddy for the Poisoner. On that note, the Pyromancer's spread effect is a very interesting tile thing! Maybe both could be tied together into an Alchemist class.
      • Blindbowmaiden & Thorn Maiden bring a very innovative way to use an already existing game mechanism with the reactive attack - we could create counter-classes from there, whose main action is not to attack, unless provoked. This can also be employed to grant  support characters some manner of  indirect defense, as not to make them puny.
      • Beserker could also be the second female Barghest class, instead of my previous Beastmistress suggestion! Good. Weaponless, but far from harmless. 
      • Dragon Tamer sounds so much better than a Dragoon mod with different flames. But isn't he a little helpless on his own? I guess he could employ some sort of weaponry, the summon aside. Riding a dragon cub makes sure he's not overpowered, but I fear for his fragility.  Maybe if he could mount, as a Dragonrider, that could be balanced. Given good mobility due to the mount, and basing the skills on it ( dragonbreath and flight )  but some drawbacks like magical defense or HP/SKL, and a difference of range between the rider attack and mount skills. Maybe he could employ an warbow. : )
      • Shaman seems like an improvement that could be made to the Runebinder, if they don't wanna develop a parallel class. Maybe a human who hails from the North Wolflands, a Barghest outcast or a stronger brand of Jackal shamanism. Like the Slinger, very detailed, very creative!
      • Oracle made me want to watch Log Horizon. Would be a good example of male rose elf spellcaster, a defensive one.

      Hero : Charmcaster

      Race : Jackal

      Gender :  Female

      Weapon : Staff or Weaponless.

      Bio: The charmcaster has been gifted by the old gods to avenge them  in order restore her former luring her enemies to their deserved doom.

      Skill : Cuckoo Charm

      Confuses one enemy for a turn, making it attack it's allies instead. Refreshes in two turns. * If weaponless, refreshes in 1, so as to make them act for her where she cannot attack on her own. :D

      Break : Rite of Revenge 

      Casts a charm that confuses all enemies for one turn. 

      I figure her having a more elaborate design than the shaman, but similar. Only she does harm instead of healing.

      A confusion 'debuffer', so to speak, to match the refreshers and the like. 

      Plan on presenting a Jackal Trickster, her male counterpart, soon. Have yet to polish him a tiny bit.

      Even tho I do have ideas for an Ursoc Marauder, I can't figure a female Ursoc design...the Barghest wolfwomen look strikingly like lionesess, but I'm not sure what I can do for bears besides giving them large nordic breastplaces that are anything but realistic. 


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    • The last few suggestions have all been pretty good. I really liked the story of Ramus, The Crow Father. It was really cool.

      I also liked Trinity's BeastMaster idea. I did edit it's format a bit though.. i hope you don't mind..

      The Deamon Hunter however seems a bit OP. A skill spammer with passives like those would break the game..

      Well, here's my newest suggestion..

      Earthbound Druid(Human/Elf)

      Following the path of stone and earth, the Earthbounds are a sect of magi who has vowed to protect the ever flowing energies that ripples through the lands. Each of them, in tune with the soul of the earth, has the elemental ability to alter the will of soil.

      Earthbound Druids are support summoner units with medium Def and health but low movement and Atk.

      Aegis of Stones(Battle Skill): The Druid creates a Earthbound Guardian on the battle field. This skill can only be trained at {R/E/M/C/L} ranks. (Range:High, Cooldown:Very-High)

      Earthbound Guardian- These are immobile constructs with high HP and zero attacking capability. They can, however, use the 'Protect' skill on nearby allies. (Range: 1-Tile, Cooldown:Normal)

      These Guardians's stats scale along with the skill level. They last until they are destroyed in battle.

      Aegis of Mountains(Limit Break): Erect an Earthbound Obelisk. This skill can only be trained at {R/E/M/C/L} ranks.

      Earthbound Obelisk- These are pillars inscribed with glyphs which bestow the blessings of the earth to those under it's shade. Allies within 2-Tiles of the Obelisk cannot be targetted by ranged or magic attacks. The Obelisk lasts for 3-Turns after the summoned turn.

      Passive Skills:

      Avenger Aura(E), Skill Aura(M)

      Echoes of Stone(C) Summons also gain the Druid's Aura passives and the Druid gains +[0/10/25/40/50] defense. (flat amount)

      Soil's Shade(L) All Earthbound allies gain [2/4/6/8/10]% defense.


      I think the 'Protect' skill would really work well with summons since it does not affect the team after the match. This, in the Guardian's case, is limited to a range of 1-Tile and summoning more Guardians would take a lot of time. So, it's a matter of careful planning and strategy.

      The Earthbounds are an old sect of magic using merceneries formed under the leadership of Oret Stoneblade. Oret, once a great hero during the first war against the shadow, had made a pact with the elementals of earth where he vowed to protect the lands from harm in exchange for the knowledge of the ancient soil. And now as a slumbering darkness awakens, Oret (or what remains of his immortal self) too must make a stand with the few of his remaining followers to fulfill the oath.

      So, i'm going to think of a few more Earthbound heroes.. you guys can help too.


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    • Trinity from the Beastmaster and Charmcaster suggestions here.  : D I really don't mind your edits, I'd do them myself if I knew how to tinker around with the bold text and all other adjustments.  On your druid, good. A nice look on summoning, now. Defensive summon, if we see DP and RB as offensive summoners. 

      A note on my previous suggestion's rarities...what do you think these should be?

      BM - > I believe she should have a similar distance to the huntress as there is between the Warrior and Gladiator. But since it seems a stronger class on some level, I'm unsure as to where she'll fit.

      CC - > I'd place here in the Rare folder, just past Uncommon. Maybe the Trickster will be an Uncommon one!

      I'm not interested in coming up with almost any Limited classes, since those tend to be unique heroes, special nobility ( such as the King of the Summerlands or the Ursus ) or very rare individuals ( Rose Knight and exotic mages ) .

      In terms of leaders and nobles, I actually have some questions of my there a topic for this somewhere else? It's good to have the Rose Princess be a lower rarity tier, but isn't she supposed to be an unique character? There may be more to the Caerholme's Royalty, but even so.

      • I've been thinking about making another class that can profit, like extort or share the steal skill. It's not something that I enjoy in creation, but given how important gold is in this scenario, maybe we should have more than a single character class to keep the cash comin', you know?

      Hero : Southpaw Marauder

      Race : Ursoc

      Gender : Male

      Weapon : Warhammer

      Rarity : Rare.

      Description :  Unable to bear their homeland's harshness, this beastman fled south and now raids the traveller's routes to get by, toughened by other types of trouble.

      I'm all for it having a very ragged bandit design, with scars and eyepatch.Maybe a mohawk, like one of the ursoc sprites already has. I mean it as a pair to the polar Runebinder spellcaster class and opposite to the Warrior of the Barghest. They are only similar in their shared weaponry, but that's a way to make it less exclusive.

      Skill :  Handling Hardship

      Boosts the Marauder's defense for 3 turns.

      Here, I mean to make this class be more about solo-management and making up for a possible lack of this or that stat, like their inferior HP when compared to the mountain clans, or some other trait.

      Where the Warrior would lower enemy attack, the Marauder would raise it's own defense.

      Break :  Stamina Surge 

      Gives the hero a health boost equal to x% of his original amount.

      Leveling up the break, evidently, will increase just how much you get out of that x. Since they have far less HP than the Stormfur cousins, that hopefully won't overpower him at all, just compensate his drawback and make it into a more self sufficient force in the field.  ~

      If there's already been damage, the break hill restore the percentage ; if not, it will work as extra life stamina-shield.

      Where the Warrior would enhance his allies and the Beastmaster would weaken her foes, the Marauder is on his own, much more preoccupied with keeping himself in the game ; it's not a collective thing, but a self-heal. 

      - Trinity, author of Beastmaster and Charmcaster, continuing the Beast Expasion crusade 'till the next jackal class, and then moving on to something else, maybe boy rose elves or Ibramish folk.

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    • Here's an idea for a dragoon type unit. And to mention I'm not so good at coming up with passive skills but I'll work on it.

      Name: skullion Class: dragoon Gender: female Race: human (maybe rose elf) Weapon: sword Clothing= head: helmet/ torso: chestplate and accessories

      I'll try not to make the story too long this time around. Story: despite bieng jugged by her fellow dragoon brethren,Eve, has strived all throughout her life to be noticed and treated like a true warrior. Eve eventually proved herself in battle one day when she single handedly took down a mirror Lord. Despite her victory she did lose an arm in the process.

      Months passed, a wizard/blacksmith, managed to forge Eve a mechanical arm imbued with magic allowing her to perform spells. Now with her new found strength Eve, now an honourable member of the dragoon clan, sets out to rid the world of the scourge known as the mirror.

      Skill: DARK FIRE- shoots a fireball made out of hatred that does (20,30,40,50) damage to an enemy, does not have splash damage like wizard, and prohibits the targeted enemy from using his/hers Gaea break for the whole match.

      Gaea break: Invoke Dragon- The skullion calls to her scaly allies, dealing (250,275,300,325,350) fire damage in a line. (Basically the normal dragoons Gaea break.)

      Hope you like this concept idea and PEACE!!!! 😜

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    • No gaia break for the whole match may be a bit extreem. 5 or 10 turns sounds like enough. Even with 5 you make sure 2 or 3 units don't use there gaea break. 

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    • Thank you for da feedback, I'll take it into consideration. Peace.

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    • Guys!! There's a rule that says you aren't allowed to comment other posts unless you add a new suggestion along with it..

      I like both the Marauder and the Limited Dragoon ideas.. I agree it would be good to be able to disable an opponent's Limit Break.. That would be really useful during Arena grinds!

      I wish Trinity would sign up to the wiki.. that way he could keep track of the posts and also edit it without difficulty.. I'm looking forward to his non-beast ideas.

      And btw, I prefer long stories to short ones... Here's one for you guys.

      Continueing with my Earthbound series, this time I'll go a bit deeper into their lore and history...

      During the olden ages, when magic was plentiful, all sorts of sects and factions existed among the vastness of the world. The Earthbounds were merely one of them..

      Founded by Oret Stoneblade, the Earthbounds were known for their connection with the soil and it's soul. Their magic came from the very will of the stones and pebbles.

      And in exchange for this power Oret had vowed to protect the lands from all harm that would befall it... and soon enough, he was asked to stand up to his word as an evil rose from the bowels of the abyss(mirrors).

      True to his oath, Oret and his followers would fight against the demons, all the way to the scattered kingdoms in the east. Even during the losing tides of war, the Earthbounds were regarded as heroes among the people..

      Many people believed that Oret would be the one most worthy to lead the free people to war during the battle at the plains of Solumnia. But in the end, the Great Goddess chose otherwise. And due to this, Oret along with his followers refused to fight and broke their high-held oath.. Not many books on History tells much more about the Earthbounds nor of their treachery.

      Though, it is said that the Oret and his followers were cursed by the broken oath and their souls were eternally bound to the earth..(get that?)


      Stones: 1x Spirit Stone, 1x King Stone, 1x Knight Stone

      Once a valiant knight and a great hero, Oret remained with his faithful allies in the depths of the great mountains. Eternity had worn the great hero. Even with ages of immortality clawing at his sanity, he wished to redeem himself and his comrades of this unforgiving curse.

      "The Earth... it never forgets.."

      Stone-Fell(Battle Skill): A crushing blow dealing [100/115/125/140/150]% to all adjecent enemies with [70]% chance to stun all targets for a turn. (Cooldown:High)

      Relentless Earth(Limit Break): Refresh the Skills of all Earthbound allies and replace it with Earth's Call for a turn. This is does not affect the Stoneblade.

      This skill can only be trained at {N/E/M/C/L} ranks.

      Earth's Call(Battle Skill): Summon an Earthbound Golem to fight against the evil plaguing the lands.

      Earthbound Golem-These are normal summons with medium stats scaling along with skill level. Golems work as normal vanguard summons and last 3 turns after the summoned turn. (Move Range: 4-Tiles, Attack Range: 1 Tile)..(no skills)..

      Passives Skills:

      Broken Words(E) This Hero is weaker against the undead, but gain +[10/20/40/80/160] attack.

      Mighty Blow(C), Protector Aura(C)

      Earthbound's Curse(L) All Earthbound allies have [25]% chance to survive death with 1 HP.


      The Stoneblade should have moderate HP, ATK and MAG along with high DEF but low movement like all other Earthbounds. Now 2 or 3 more earthbound varieties to go..

      The speciality of Earthbounds is their legend passives which affects all other units of their sect. Even though this makes them pretty much invincible when in the same team, their weakness comes from the fact that all earthbounds (except Stoneblade and the Golems) are support and sub-support classes. Their BattleSkills also tend to have high cool-downs..

      The 'Relentless Earth' break is a different take on summoning skills, the more earthbounds in you have in your team, the more Golems you can summon. The And btw, most of the Summons are earthbounds too..(I'v renamed the Druid's Guardians)..

      I know, it's too complex, right? Tell me what you think..   (XD)


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      • Oh, I can sign up tomorrow. : ) Or we can chat somewhere else, too. I've been thinking of taking up the forums as well.

      About Earth's Call, I find it a little over that top that all allies can become summoners of such powerful creatures. Making a summoner is gviing an unit the ability to call upon more units, so even tho they are my favourite rpg class, it's one to be maneuvered with care.

      Hero : Minstrel

      Gender : Male

      Race :  Rose Elf

      Weapon: None. 

      Rarity : Uncommon.

      Bio : Adept at telling tales at the castle courts, the Minstrel left the knightly deeds of the Caerholme behind to join an epic of his own, accompanying adventure firsthand.

      • His design is to be very pompous as to contrast with the dancer's, but still traveler-like.


      Skill : Battle Ballad

      The minstrel's song inspires the best of bravery, raising one's ally attack power for the next hit by x%. 

      • So, basically, whilst the dancer refreshes a turn, the bard buffs the unit's next attack for more damage.

      Break : Rose Rhytm

      This soothing song makes the party gradually regain x health for 3 turns.


      Skill :  Sound of Silence

      A tune that shuns away all other noise, keeping a foe from casting any skills on that turn.

      Break : Rose Rhapsody

      A piece so powerful it can lower all enemies SKL and MAG status by x% for 3 turns.

      • I was going to do Jackal first, but since you asked. I also would like to make a male mage, but Caerholme seems like a good setting for bards, with all it's courtly and knightly things.

      I fancied giving him some weapon, but I'm not sure about bow / warbow, or even hexagun , so I'll pass on that as of now. 

      - Trinity who's been watching Log Horizon non stop these two past days since having read the Oracle suggestion and it's source-class, the Kannagi.

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    • Hero : Trickster

      Gender : Male

      Race: Jackal

      Weapon :  Hexagun

      • Due to it's beast senses, the jackal's range with the weapon is better than the Rogue's.  The trickster , however, lacks other stats in comparison with it's fellow weapon wielder.

      Bio : Sneaky as any jackal but smarter than it's fellow kin, this scavanging gadgeteer uses it's sharp senses and sly skills to make a fool of any foe in the field.

      Skill : Swindle Step

      The trickster deploys one trap that triggers upon being  walked over, causing the enemy's movement to be cut short and steals x money from the target.

      • The target's turn is not over ; it's merely halted on the tile it stepped on. Units can still strike within their range. : )

      Break : Treasure Traps 

      Allows this hero to deploy n traps in the field during the break move, each stealing x gold, and dealing the same damage as the money stolen when it detonates.

      n = 3, 4, , 5 , and so on.

      x = amount of damage from stepping on one of the tiles ; the damage dealt will depend on how much cash was stolen.

      • If one feels it isn't too OP, the values could be switched around : you'd get as much as gold as the damage done.

      So, this is a 2-purpose suggestion : to add one more hexagun hero to the rooster, as well as offer another form of earning money besides the thief's steal skill. They could share the skill , surely, but why not be creative and have traps do something else ? 

      It may get much more money than the thief would, but it would depend solely on where you place those traps, and wheter AI will or not step on them, you see ?  Like the thief, it's more of a profit class than a combat one, but it can steal deal damage both regulary and via break. : D I suggest it has good range and dodge, but not that much attack, health or magic defense.

      Next in-line....something from Solumnus, maybe ? Wish we had more info.

      - Trinity, having finished his beast crusade ( untill I find a way to make lady-bears happen ) for the time being, and still bent on foreigners, northlanders, and rose-folk. Maybe a different kind of elves, other flower elves. 

      VIolet Elves = Dark Elves? Hmmm. Suggest flower names for these ones, please. ~

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    • Armor of Durgan  

      Race: Armor

      Story: Armor of Durgan was warn by Durgan himself, one of the greatest wizards of all time. Upon his death Durgan bound his soul to the armor so that he would live on indefinitly.

      Skill: Protect: Protect an ally for a turn. The Armor receives [0/10/15/20/30]% less damage while active. 

      Limit break: Equipt: Armor of Durgan binds himself to a unit in range for the duration of the battle (They stand in the same tile until the battle ends). The target unit gains all health, armor, and passives that Armor of Durgan has. 

      Stat Notes: High Health, High armor, 0 of all other stats

      Passive skills: 

      Heavy Armor: Increase in-battle defense by +[5/10/15/25/40]

      Unicorn: The hero gains a shield of [10/20/30/40/50] HP each turn.

      Paramount: This unit gains [5/10/15]% defense for each adjacent enemy

      Lighter Armor: Increase in-battle movement by +1.

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    • Job: Geomancer An earth and wood manipulator. She already plant a thousand of trees around her village Race: ursus(female) Movement: 4tiles Weapon: staff (can not direct attack) Headgear: hat Body: robe Stone: spirit, beast, defender # this hero cant direct attack but she can attack with her summon  --Johann-- Active: Skill: Go Green Summon a tree(cannot move, like a rune) the tree can attack with its twig(like spear user)  cool down:1 Range Summon:3 Gaea: Rock Punishment  Summon a golem(can move) (its stat like a skeleton knight) the golem can attack(like hammer user) Range Summon:3  Passive: Resistance: Increase in-battle magic by +[10/20/30/40/50] (Flat amount). {Rank R} Stalwart: Increase in-battle HP by +[40/80/120/160/200] (flat amount). {Rank N} Frozen Blood: This hero is [10/15/20/25/35]% stronger against fire and ice {Rank E} Defensive Aura: Allies within 2 tiles gain +[5/10/15/20/25]% bonus defense. {Rank M} 'Big Game 'Geo: The Geomancer gains [2/4]% more attack for each beast on the field. {Rank C}

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    • Job: Pirate Ocean traveler who have been conquered all continent  Race: Human/Rose elf Movement: 6tiles Weapon: hexagun (because until now only rogue whouse this) Headgear: hat/cap Body: tunic  Active: Skill: Pirate Roulette This hero have 25% chance to damage [225%/240%/255%/270%/300%] to single enemy. If fail, only deal 100% damage  cool down:1 Gaea: Random Roulette Damage [260%/270%/280%/290%/300%/] to 2 random enemies in battle field  Passive: Reflex: Increase in-battle skill by +[10/20/30/40/50] (Flat amount). {Rank R} Gun Repeater: This hero has a +[4/8/12/16/20]% chance to counter-attack twice. {Rank E} Skill Aura: Allies within 2 tiles have their skill boosted by [10/15/20/25/30]%. {Rank M} Cheat Death: This hero gains a [20/25/30/40/50]% chance to survive a killing blow with 1 HP. {Rank C} Trick Shot: This hero gains a [20]% chance to attack twice. {Rank L}

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    • ( I hope you'll allow me an exception here to note that not only the first class-creating contest was held in a week of great activity here in this wiki topic, but two of the here-presented class, Oracle and Minstrel, are now planned to make it into the game! 

      Congratulations, everyone. And thank you for the restless ideas!  The company has heard  the players, and devs and gamers are together in this one, beautiful moment. : D )

      - Trinity. Who'll soon make an account here and on the forums. 

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    • Oracle did not make it from what I hear on forums, as it was in 5th place and only top 3 made it. [1 ] [2 ]

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    • Because Easter is coming up soon here's a festive unit I came up with.

      Name: the Easter bunny. Race: beast/Jackle. Class: summoner. Weapon: bombs (with an Easter egg design). Headgear: wizard hat Torso: robes And accessories.

      Story: his day job is a cuddly animal and gentle by nature, giving out chocolate eggs and happiness to all the children of the world. By night however he is a bane to any evildoer who dares not to enjoy the season (A kind of fury boogeyman). Armed with exploding ammo and accompanied by his companion Egbert the Easter bunny is a fury to be reckoned with.

      Skill: summon Egbert- summon an eggstreamly, see what I did there, explosive ally. Has 400HP, can move 5 tiles, lasts for 1 turn and on last turn blows up dealing 50,100,200% damage to any enemy within range. But be warned, it can damage ally's as well so use it wisely.

      Gaea break: big Bertha- sabotage the enemy by strapping bombs to them. Bombs take 3 turns to activate and do 100,300,500% damage to all enemy's on the field.

      Appearance: a sort of commando/Rambo look. Wearing a brownie sash with ammo strapped to it.

      I'm still working on passives but I'm getting there. And I'm also sorry if it's too early for Easter. It was just on my mind. PEACE OUT. 😜😜

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    • Just realised this class may be a bit OP. Sorry guys😅😅

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    • I guess i'll stop this thread here.. It's started to get a bit crowded.

      Come suggest your next idea here: More Hero Suggestions!!

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