• Since two of the ideas from the first thread won in the LHT Hero creation contest, I've decided to start a new thread to start over. Then again, the first thread had started to get a bit too crowded..

    So try coming up with ideas of your own... It's a challenge.. Let's see what you guys can come up with..

    Here's the link to the first thread: Hero Suggestion!!

    The rules are pretty much the same..

    -> One suggestion per reply..

    -> Keep the suggestion close to the High Fantasy theme of LHT.. That means no robots, unless ECG introduces them to the game.

    -> The more it fits to the current lore, the better..

    -> Limited heroes can be fun to come up with.. but broader 'class' sort of suggestions are more appreciated..

    -> Give a thumbs up to those who've earned it.

    -> Don't forget to leave your comments on the suggestions..

    The Format is shown in the next thread..

    Don't worry if you can't prep the format, I'll edit the posts without altering it's content to keep better order and comprehensibility.

    Here's a few things you should mention..

    Hero Name/Class and Race :

    Weapon and Description :


    Skills and Limit Break(discriptive) :

    Anything else(Notes)..

    (And don't forget to add your signature) 

    Suggestions so far..
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    • First of all, let me congratulate Trinity on winning the Hero creation contest.. I'd like to know more about the Minstrel once it's out in the game. Let's hope that they went with the Debuffer build. 

      Btw, I think i'll hold my Earthbounds for a while since it seemed like i was going overboard with that idea. I just wanted to introduce a sort of 'factions/groups' system within each race which could be used in the game..

      However I've still been thinking about new sort of summon skills. Being honest, I'm not too fond of the Runebinder, I believe that giving him an attack would introduce a better aspect of tactic during battle. There would be a choice of either targetting an enemy or trying your luck with the runes..

      Anyway, here's my next summoner sort of suggestion.

      Puppet Master(Human)

      Travelling entertainers adept in the art of puppetry, Puppet Masters use their marionettes not only to entertain audiences but also in battle. These constructs are capable of close-range combat making use of built-in blades and weapons.

      The Puppeteers themselves wield a dagger, just in case things go out of hand.

      Opening Act(Battle Skill/Toggle): Take out/in the Marionette to/from battle. (Skill Range: 1-Tile)

      Marionette-This is a construct with 3-Tile move range and 1-Tile attack range.

      Unlike summons, the Marionette does not have life and is a mobile weapon which can move only upto 5-Tiles away from their Masters. The interesting thing about this is that manipulating a puppet encumbers the Puppet Master, disabling his movement and attacking abilities.

      For this to work, this skill doesn't have a cool-down, but instead a toggle function which allows the Puppeteer to summon/remove the Marionette at 1-Tile range.

      Curtain Call(Limit Break): Pull the Marionette all the way back to it's Puppet Master dealing [130/160/180/220/250]% damage to all enemies in it's way.(3-Tile wide)

      Passive Skills:

      Multi Strike(N) Only applies to the Marionette.

      Fancy Facade(C) Reduce defense of nearby enemies by [3/6/9/12/15]%. Applied from both Puppet and Master.

      No Strings Attached(L) Increase the Marionette's max range from the Master by [1/2/3] Tiles.


      The reason i came up with this is to introduce a long range melee unit..I know this is crazy.. I also wanted to make something inspired from the FF series.. apparently everyone loves FF.

      A Puppet Master can only have one Marionette in possession. Stunning or freezing the Master freezes the puppet.

      His Marionette helps fight in the frontlines when he remains at the back, but however if an enemy gets to the Master, pray that the puppet hasn't gone too far. The Puppet Master should take back the Marionette if he is to be able to move or attack by himself. He too is a melee fighter but lacks HP to go head to head with tougher assault types.

      This held back fighting style doesn't have any tactical utility as of now except the fact that the Puppet has a max range of 5-Tiles from it's Master giving it an attack at the 6thTile (thus having enough range to outdo archers). But with the low movement capability of the Puppet (3-tiles), this wouldn't be too OP, i guess..

      Tell me what you guys think..


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    • Endospore(Elf)

      Spore(Battle Skill): Summon one Spore with [10/50/100/150/200/250] health in an adjacent square, lasts 3 turns.

      Spore of Life(Limit Break): Summon one Invisible Spore within 5 tiles, explodes when an enemy passes over. Invisible Mine lasts for [2/3/4/5/6] turns if not triggered.


      Acrobatics(N), Untouchable(E), Cheat Death(C)

      Orb(M) Spores deal [150/200/250/500/750/1000] damage to enemies within 1 tile upon death.

      Proxy(L) Allies within 2 tiles of a Spore gain [10/15/20/25/30]% attack.


      Rarity: Limited

      Stats at Legendary:  HP 3200, Attack 0, Def 200, Skill 2000, Mag 200. Acc 40%, dodge 30%, crit 0%

      Movment range: 8

      Armor: Tunic

      Head Gear: Cowl

      Weapon: NA

      Stones: 1 Spirit, 1 Star, 1 King

      Lore: Endospore left his home in Caerholme to go on a mission to prove his worth to his God. Endospore traveled the world, he spent a great deal of his time studing with Ursor mages in their abandoned ruins.

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    • The Minelayer is a good suggestion. I like the idea of having kamikaze summons. But I don't get much how the summons work. Why does higher levels of the battle skill increase the mine's health?

      I'd also like to know more about the unit's story, especially why one of the Rose Elves is working with mines ..and how.

      Btw, you guys can comment all you want in this thread..

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    • Well, I thought summoning a mine alone with both auras and damage aoe upon death would be a bit too strong. Also the aura for the mines realy is fairly strong on its own, so I decided it would be best if it is essentialy like summoning mines is 1 skill, giving them aoe damage upon death is annother, and giving them attack aura is a third skill. That way the mines could be fairly strong at a high level, but be fairly weak at lower levels.  

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    • Doppelganger(Human)

      Dopplegangers are decendants of humand who joined the ranks of the Mirror. No longer willing to be traitors to their race, they have returned, but not without one final curse from their sick lineage; they have no identity of their own and must borrow from those around them.

      Weapon: Daggers

      Impersonate(Battle Skill): Doppledangers can appear to enimies like an ally. For 2 turns, enimies will attack a selected member of their team within 2 spaces of the Doppledanger [40/50/60/75/85]% of the time until the Doppledanger is damaged. (Rank R)

      Adopt Skill(Limit Break): Doppledanger can use any skill of any foe or ally within 2 spaces at [70/75/80/85/90]% effectiveness of the orginal holder of the skill. They Then possess that skill for [2/3/4/5/6] turns or until they select a new skill. This applies to Battle Skills and Limit Breaks. (Rank N)


      Healing: Doppledangers regain [10/15/25/40/55] hp per turn in battle. (Rank R)

      Glancing(E), Paramount(C)

      Look over here!(E) Each adjacent ally gains [5/10/15/20/25]% to their dodge. This does not stack. 

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    • Frozen, I wonder if we can get an area/lore/enemy thread in the likes of these one? :D

      - Trinity

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    • Hey Trin, I'v made a thread for lore suggestions. Btw, it's been a while since you've suggested any new heroes..

      I'm currently low on inspiration, I add something new soon.


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    • Couldn't create an account. : (


      I think we could think about classes weapon-wise, too.

      This game could be called Spears and Staves!

      I believe that Swords ( 5 users ) and Warhammers ( 4 ursers ) have been balanced as of now, which is good, however :

      Why not work on a dagger-class? ( The devs attended a little bit to the issue arming the Scout so ) - > only 3 characters

      Why not work on a hexagun-class? ( The devs attended a little bit to the issue arming the Jester so ) - > only 2 characters

      If not my Jackal Trickster suggestion, maybe an Ibrish man, later on : they're good with Hexaguns, according to the item text.  ( The devs may attend to this issue a little bit, by developing the rumored Gunslinger )

      More importantly, why not work on Warbows and Bows? - > only 4 characters, or 3,5 if you count Icefang as a modskin

      I think a human wolflander tribesman, with more ragged-looking leather vest and furcloak , could wield one to fight the beasts and survive in the wilderness.

      Why not work on a bomb-class? Weapon to the bombardier, only. I know it's faraway tech, but some people have suggested Alchemists....since powder requires basic chemistry, we could arm an alchemist lady to either side with the bombardier or come from an even more easternmost kingdom.


      I'll try to play out a suggestion I've been cooking the past few days.... Maybe people are not so much more into it 'cause they're afraid of their ideas getting taken by other contestants when the time for a new contest comes !


      Race : Dwarf ( they're spoken of in lore as having raised the wall against the mirror, by the High Queen's command)

      Weapon : Warhammer / Bombs ? Dunno!

      A builder that shapes the ground to make tunnels and buildings using the arts of the dwarven lords of old.

      I want him to be a mixed support class, in which his main skill is supportive, but regardless of whether his GB is offensive or not, he's still able to look non-magelike and bash some enemies, since only changing terrain would make him of too limited use. A tiny, dwarfish, bearded rough man. I bet they can come up with some creative beardbuilder design.

      Rising Land(Battle Skill): It creates a tile of greater height atop the designed spot.

      With this tile-altering skill,  allies can take less damage and deal more!

      Now, there's two options for the GB. One, supportive, the other, ofensive.

      • GB OPTION 1 )

      Stand your Ground(Limit Break): Raises all the tiles allies are standing on. : )

      • GB OPTION 2 )

      Landfall(Limit Break): Withdraws all raised tiles, dealing x% additional damage to all enemies per tiles previously raised.

      - Trinity

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    • Desert Deadshot(Human)

      Race : Human ( Ibrim )

      Keeping up with mex-rabic mix the devs seem to favour, I'd vote for this design to have an old customized cloak with dia de los muertos motifs and a friendly-but-shady sombrero.

      A wayfarer who roams the dangerous desert with dual pistols by his side. Those who take a shot at facing him may dodge his lightning speed once - but will soon learn that it strikes twice.

      Sideshot(Battle Skill): Attacks the enemy standing beside the unit while also firing against the one on the opposite side.( enemy a < - unit -- > enemy b )

      Spinshot(Limit Break): Ranged attack against the first enemy standing in all directions. ( Similar to Paladin and Rose Knight )

      You may switch the skills if you like - have him do a spinshot as a skill and a sideshot that pierces tiles, if that's more useful and less overpowered. Or changing how the 'back' shot's aim is placed, if it's not clever enough.

      Passives Skills:

      Multi-Strike : )

      Reflex , since he's a quick drawer

      Maybe Big Crits ? You tell me. I just figure him having multiple hit chances.

      I actually cooked this up due to two of my guidelines :

      dancer, d/e priestess and poisoner make it 3 ibris/ibrim women. since scout's been added to counterbalance it, I'm giving him a fellow countryman. A Ibrish scmitar slasher may be in order.

      But I'm also tempted ..warbows are so very unused! So this hexagun hero was an attempt to keep up the good Jester effort in having more units blast off guns!

      - Trinity

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    • Trinity's made an account , haha. Had to request Wikia support, but!

      In retrospect, I'd change the name to Desert Deadshot. It's better like that. Ah, they're all rough drafts, after all.

      Finishing up my Ibrim excursion, here comes a meele class , since we've got plenty of spellcasters, a stealth class and I've just suggested a ranged unit.

      Bladedancer ( since the dancer's also from there )

      Race : Human (Ibrim)

      Description : 

      Barechested, one of the country's hairstyles, but preferably a somewhat longer hair than scout. A different sort of turbant, harem pants, wild and bloody looks. Wields a Scimitar.

      Bio : In Ibrim, those who worship god of death Vermors are known to raise the dead. Unlike the lively dancers, it can be said bladedancers are the ones who keep the supply of skeletons steady...but few the tales about their lethal art, since most of the audience is no longer alive to tell them.

      Or something in the lines of... "unlike the lively dancers, when their performance is over, there is no one alive in the audience to applaud."

      In Battle :

      A dodgy meele unit, with high skill and attack, but low HP and defense. This seemingly squishy build is compensated by an array of good passives and some self sufficient skills. He's similar to the Rose Knight, but not so much as in that he's not all about combo-criticals and damage immunity, but more about healing-crits and evasiveness play.

      Deadly Dance(Battle Skill): The bladedancer pays his respect to death god, raising his dodge rate in x% and decreasing the surrounding foes in x%/2,

      " What we say to the god of death ? Not today... "

      Reaping Ritual(Limit Break): Having selected his chosen sacrifice, the bladedancer throws his blade at the set target dealing x damage to the selected unit and x/y additional damage to foes standing in the way.

      This allows for a long-range meele attack that harms whoever's in the way, much like the huntress GB does.

      Passive Skills:

      Passives should include those who raise evasiveness and skill of the uni, and maybe an evasion aura :

      BeserkUntouchableInto the FrayLightfoot Aura 

      Blood Blessing  There is a x% chance that awarding a critical hit will recover z% of this unit's HP.


      Just those that I can remember right now, wheter it goes more dancer-dodgy or warrior-bloody is up to the devs, I got no passive expertise. Maybe he could share some skills with the Dark Knight, since they have a blood theme, but she's meele and he's evasive.

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    • This is inspired by the Spellbane class, but with a different take on it. 


      Race : Ursus Female

      Design : Similar to the Valkyrie's initial drafts, she'd look very norse-valky. A Brawn Hilda sort of look, with a heavy armor full of runic engravings. She's got a hairdo....well, a 'furdo', maybe braided,  similar to the RB's beard, that still manages to add a feminine touch to the bulky part, creating an interesting contrast and different take on gender image. : ) I tried to think of female ursoc, and came up with this, to fit a Mama Bear vibe.

      Bio : The vigils guard the sacred grounds of Rebellum's temple and are devoted protectors of the Ursus, picked among mothers whose cubs have already grown. When their children can take care of themselves, the vigils move on, now to mother the whole bearfolk, fiercely ensuring the pack's safety.

      Weapon : Either Sword, or none. I'd rather she had a large shield to push enemies with, to be honest.

      In Battle :

      This is a defensive unit that relies on the Ursoc high HP, but with a different touch : she's focused on magical defense. So she actually can take meele or ranged hits, no problem to a good def stat poor defense, but her specialty is enduring magic. 

      The rest of her stats are up for debate, really. I came up with two ways to go about this : Either she's armed with a sword or warbow and has regular attack stat but the usual Ursus poor skill, so she'd miss as much as warrior does, despite dealing decent damage and giving her something to do when not casting skills ( either as a meele or a ranged unit ) .

      Or, we could go about this the supportive way and have her not attack at all, but improve her passives and skills so that she becomes a real tanker.

      Spellshield(Battle Skill): Using defensive rune magic, this hero grants an ally the power to reflect a magic spell cast at it back to the caster for x% damage, lasting y turns.

      Now, the guard and valkyrie use Protect skill, which transfers the damage taken by a character to their HP. She won't work like that. : ) Her skill does not guard against any physical damage, so you can still take arrows, bullets, blades, whatever - but if any spell, be it regular attack or skill, befalls you, it'll be thrown back at your enemy and you'll leave unharmed. A different sort of defense, that lasts more than one turn. Damage and duration get better as you improve the skill. : ) If she's full support, then you can shield every turn. If she can actually attack, there's a cooldown for the devs to decide.

      Runic Rebound(Limit Break): Grants a reflecting shield to all allies for y turns.

      Passive Skills:

      ResistanceHeavy ArmorStalwartParamount

      Enchanted Armor  This hero is x% more resistant to magic.

      ( Maybe Magic Aura fits better ? )

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    • Woah.. Both these heroes are pretty amazing..

      I'd prefer the Blade Dancers to be females, sorta like a cross between the Assassin and the Dancer. Also, Vermors is sort of a shady character. The Priestess's description mentions how tender and motherly she is. Strange how the god of the dead would heed to her prayers. There's definitely something in that.. What do you think?

      The Vigil sounds cool.. I'd like to see how a female Ursus would look like..

      I haven't been able to suggest heroes in quite a while, I might have gotten a bit rusty at this. Here goes nothing...

      Dragon Slayer(Human)

      Dragons are definitely a part of the lore, so why not Dragon Slayers. 

      Holding bad blood against the drakes for the devastation caused during the first ages, the Dragon Slayers have devoted themselves to their duty of anninhilating the scaled race from the face of the realm. Crossing paths with the Dragoons at more than a single occasion, these fierce gladiators are known for their skill to keep up to par with opponents far bigger than themselves.

      They think of themselves as a cult of lawful heroes protecting the realm from the monstrous beings, even though the Dragoons tend to disagree. Their skills make them strong against most beast type enemies.

      Weapon: Sword

      WyrmsBane Strike(Battle Skill): Deal damage to a single foe for [10/15/20/25/35]% of their remaining life. (Range:1-Tile, Cool-down:low)

      "The bigger they are, the harder they fall.." 

      Visceral Hatred(Limit Break) Increase the hero's attack and defense by [5/10/20/30/35]% for three turns. All living units are considered "Beast" for the next two turns.

      "Dragons.. The scaled beasts of myths and legends.. Too bad they dont look so good when dead"

      Passive Skills:

      Hunter (R), Mighty Armour(N), Glancing(M), Big Game Hunter(C)

      Dragon Scales(E) Torn from the dead bodies of their foes...

      Wyvern's Blight(L) The Dragon Slayer has a [40%] chance to attack twice.


      The Dragoons have reigned as top dogs from the beginning of the game, i think it's time to bring out some competition. Unlike Dragoons, the Slayers are much more close range combatants who make use of their heavy defense and attack capability to take down even massive opponents. The passives niether align to a Tank nor an Assault sort of build, instead it's a balanced mix of the two.

      I have tried to make the skills as balanced as possible.. As for the stats, I'd prefer it to have similarity to the Paladin. They should also have good mobility and movement range(5-Tiles).

      Tell me what you guys think..


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    • I like that Dragonslayers focus on dealing % damage, guess it's good against high-hp classes.

      Feel like some of my suggestions weren't as polished as they need be. Btw, felt the need to make Bladedancer a man 'cause of balance issues : Ibrim characters are almost all female.

      I'll propose something new, something slightly of my guidelines.... I'd like to expand on the game, but have always kept to the lore and filling the in-game spaces as much as possible, so no all-new creating from me.

      But now, before coming up with a new class, I'd like to add something more to characters to come : new weapons. I've suggested some units with new tools before, but I'll draft it out a little more here.

      Close Range :

      Claws / Gauntlets ( would allow for more than one hit, mayhaps. that is, if you'd rather have that than barefist heroes )

      Mace ( less damage than hammer/axe and only one target, but would have higher crit chances or disable counterattack)

      Mid-Range :

      Whips ( would hit a different shape than spears, maybe wavy, and allow for more multistriking )

      Scythe ( would have similar pattern as spear, but hit the foes not in a straight line to the target, but in a --- ) fashion, so you'd damage the target plus the squires directly by it's sides )

      Ranged : 

      I hear Rifles might be coming this way, so I'll refrain from suggesting those.

      Crossbows ( different range, pierces tru units till reaches target, better bonuses for crits )

      Cannons ( would have less range, but area damage )

      Magical :

      Orbs ( if they're an offensive weapon...see them being good in counter attack, or giving classes a chance to block foreseeable damage to compensate a shorter range / weaker damage )

      Wands ( higher damage than staves , but shorter range )

      Support :

      I once more bring up my idea to fill support classes weapon slots with items that add to other stats, since they cannot attack - as to make them a little bit more customizable.

      Veils or Tambourines ( dancer )

      Royal Regalia ( princess )

      Talismans ( runebinder ) --- > I could see this being used by my Charmcaster Suggestion.

      Stored Supplies ( classes that buff or heal characters could bring supplies into battle, such as a Squire )

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    • Hi guys, im going to have some trouble coming up with heros as good as yours but its enjoyable to come up with your own ideas. Am i right. so anyway:


      Gender: Female

      Race: Ibrim

      Appearence: Wearing a cavalears choice of clothing with fancy chestplate and extravigant hat. complete with a porcelain mask imbued with ocean blue saphires and a white rose held in her mouth as well as a saucy wink.

      Weapon: Sword (Rapier)

      Torso: Chestplate, Head: Wizard hat, with accessories. 

      Quickstep(Battle Skill): Increases Masquerader's critical to max and is able to attack twice for 3 turns. (she has medium attack). 

      Petal Samba(Limit Break): Increase all allys hit and cirit by (100/500/900)% for 2 turns. 

      Description: A dancer who got kicked out of town and was forced to fend for herself the masquerader has been trained in advanced dance techniques to dazzle the battlefield and inspire her comrades. As well as herself. Equiped with a slender rapier from her long lost family lineage the masquerader certanley is a good ally to have on your team. 

      Passives Skills:

      Acrobatics, Lightfoot aura, Swift strike.

      Forgotten technique: steal (10/50/90)% of targeted enemys HP.

      Dancers instinct: gain in-battle dodge (50/100/500)%. 

      I thought of combining dancer and rose knight for a high mobility and hard to hit unit who can give support to its allys. and i finally managed to come up some passives. PEACE OUT.

      P.S.(smiley face)

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    • I was pondering if LHT could use a sniper skin/alt. -- and I came across an idea I sorta liked. A mix between a sniper, and a priest. 

      Divine Sniper

      (Minimum attack range: 10-Tiles, Maximum attack range: 12-Tiles, Move range: 4-Tiles)

      Bless(Battle Skill): A holy shield that absorbs damage in-Battle for allies depending on the Sniper's level. {Rank R}

      (Skill Range: 5-Tiles, Cool-down: 1 Turn)

      Kill Shot(Limit Break): The sniper looks down her sight and fires a deadly shot for [300/325/350/375/400]% damage. {Rank N}

      (Break Range: 25, Pattern: Single Shot)

      Passive Skills:

      Reflex(R), Sharpeye(R), Big Crits(E), Healing Aura(M), Crimson Eyes(L)

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    • I hope you guys wouldn't mind my opinion on the ideas..

      The Masquerader is a fancy suggestion. I can clearly see a masked dancing swashbuckler in my mind but not how such a hero comes from an origin such as Ibram. Ibram is a land of thieves and cutthroats, it feel like this might work well with the idea or wouldn't work at all.. In all, it's a fun idea.

      A Divine Sniper would work.. it feels kinda strange though. Almost like I have more questions than which need answers..

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    • Here's something I had been working on for a few days..

      Highfrost Watcher(Ursus)

      The last cohort of sentinals guarding the remnants of their ancestral home, the Watchers have protected Stormfur Bay since the first ages.. Tough beasts and keen bowmen, these Ursus walk the frozen wastes, felling each and every being that cross their paths among the endless snowstorm.

      "The cold storms isn't all that keep wanderers from the secrets within Stormfur Bay.."

      Wielding a Warbow and making use of primal magic, Watchers are said to be the reason why the Ursus' secrets remained untouched by the outside world for ages.. Maybe, they're also the reason why the Ursocs never ventured back into the north.

      Stormpierce Shot(Battle Skill): Fire an arrow, dealing [150/155/160/165/170]% damage to a target. The target suffers from Bleeding damage for [1/1/2/2/3] turns. (Skill range: 5-Tiles, Cooldown: medium-high)

      Bleed- Similar to poison, bleeding does DoT based on remaining HP (rather than total HP). A bleeding taget is also encumbered and thus it's move-range is reduced by 1-Tile.

      "Rumors oft speak of arrows among the frozen winds, and blood staining the sordid snow.."

      Howling Volley(Limit Break): A volley of arrows pour from the skies, dealing [160/170/180/190/200]% damage to all the enemies within the Watcher's range. The targetted foes suffer bleeding damage for 3 turns. (Min range: 2-Tiles, Max range: 3-Tiles)

      "Beware the howling cries among the winds, for they serve not to herald a coming storm.. Then again, the storm in these peaks has yet to see an end."

      Passive Skills:

      Sharpeye(R), Frozen Blood(E), Big Crits(M), Storm Aura(L)

      RuneCarved Arrows(N) Increases in-battle attack and magic by +[20/30/40/50/60] (flat amount).

      Sentinel's Gaze(C) Increases the Watcher's damage by [5/10/15]%.


      Here you go guys.. A warbow wielding Ursus.

      This guy does magic damage..This won't be OP, i suppose, since Warbows have similar range as most mages.

      I had this idea for a magic using archer some while ago but simply couldn't think of a good background where such a hero would fit into.. I had to alter my first idea alot to make it into a primal magic wielding bowbear. Coming up with a backstory for it was fun. Come to think of it, it might fit pretty well into the current lore.

      Tell me what you guys think.. I did put a lot of thought into this one

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    • HELL YEAH!!! This unit sounds awesome Frozen. I have a real soft spot for the animal tribes (especially the ursoc) this class could be better than the huntress even.

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    • I'm all for warbow classes, too. : ) Real nice.

      Trying to come up with a dwarf meele. And since you piqued the fairy topic, maybe...fairies... I fancy them a lot.

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    • I know that there are some crazy characters in lionheart like the jester and bombardier already but this hero is a combination of mad and noble.

      Mad King(Limited)

      Gender: Male

      Race: Human

      Hailing from the Summerland's, this long, long, long lost relative of the current king (or is he a prince?) went through many falls of the monarchy and revolts. But after all the mayhem, the backstabbing and heretics. He finally snapped. Servants found him gallivanting through the halls of the castle, talking to plants, liking the walls and worst of all knighting a roast chicken. The last the people ever saw of the mad king was when he journeyed into the whisperwield. After many months people soon forgot about him and a new kind was chosen… Although… local folktales say that you can hear the mad king doing strange things in the wield like howling at the moon and wrestling his rusted old crown. Managing to find this beast of a man will mean a new ally in battle. with his trusty shovel? And his absurd orders . The mad king can really intimidate enemy's and give your allies random power ups. Just be carful not to mention the current king or (sigh) Monty his imaginary friend.

      Weapon: Lance

      Headgear: Crown

      Armor: Chest plate With accessories…

      Adrenalin Rush(Battle Skill): Adopt the mind of the mighty wolf and charge the enemy dealing high damage.

      Frenzy Order(Limit Break): The mad king shouts random but inspiring orders at your allies raising their attack and defence slightly for 3 turns.

      Passive Skills:

      MightBerserkInto the FrayAvenger Aura

      Domino Effect: After killing an enemy do (20,30,50%) more damage to the next enemy. This affect lasts 1 turn.

      Nervous Twitchier: Raises evasiveness but lowers defence in battle 50%. Rises 10% each time this passive is promoted. 

      Hope u liked this hero and PEACE OUT guys and gals :)

      - Rougou

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    • I know there are a lot of mistakes in this hero suggestion. But the website keeps connecting new paragraphs to the sentences above it which is really annoying. :( Any advice?

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    • - Rougou

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    • Swordmaster(Human)

      A pop and a snap came from the ground with each step she took though the field of white. The pale flakes danced from the skies and fell to ground around her. "I return your attack to you, as I return you to hell." She had stepped on the charred remains of a wizard. He cast meteor, she used her swords to reflect the attack back to the sender and his group. All that was left was ash, dancing in the wind. She had sought to have the ultimate attack and the ultimate defense technique with her swords. It seems she was a step closer to it.

      Weapon: Sword

      Swords Slice(Battle Skill): Deal damage to a foe(s) for [30/40/50/60/70%]. (Range:2-Tile, 1 tile wide. Cool-down:low)

      "Bounces off me and sticks to you."

      Ultimate Defense(Limit Break): Returns any attack (Gaea Break and otherwise) that has her as a target, is sent back to Unit(s) along with any status changes they would cause.

      Passive Skills:

      Resistance (R), Stalwart(N), Glancing(M)

      Stand Ground(E): The Swordmaster Resists [10/15/20/25/30]% of damage from bows, but is 30% weaker to magic.

      Dual Wield(C): Attack of sword in defense (off hand) is added to attacks by [20/40/60/80/100%]

      Double Slash(L): This hero has a [25]% chance to attack twice.


      Appearance: Long dark hair, wearing a Kimono top and Hakama pants. Upgraded version has Samurai armor added on.

      I figure her unit build similar to a thief except her movement range is 5. I think her promotion stones would be Star, Knight, Acrobat. I was thinking of a unit to counter GB team builds. Also wanted here to have a little customization.

      Weapon: Swords Armor: Swords Headgear: Cowl

      Yes she has two sword slots. He defense would be made up of whatever sword is placed in her off hand. It's attack is her defense. Any other attributes to the sword are added as normal. I figured you might have two different swords at a time, one maybe stronger than the other. This way it allows you to use two and think maybe you would need more defense or more attack in general. Depending on playstyle. She can be more of a tank, or more of a normal melee fighter. I thought she might be the type of unit who wanted a sword for more than just offensive but defensive as well. The Parry ability if fine for negating an attack. But what about a return to sender option. Also if she is hit with an all unit attack, her allies would still be hit, but the attack would be reflected as though she cast it. I hope this isn't over powered.

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    • NAME: La Steeler

      Race: (Dwarf or Human)

      Gender: Female

      Small Bio/Info: "I seek for thou good". She loves everyone in her kingdom  and she masters the skill of protecting others. This may be a huge aid or a huge dissadvantage. She is a female tank: who has a High Def and High MagicDef at the cost of low dodge, low attack. Her Hp is just Decent (she has a skill to boost it like valkyrie). Different from other characters, she uses her pink shield, no weapon(An ability to boost 2X shield or Two Shield slots). Incredibly useful to Guard other characters every turn against BOTH MAGIC AND PHYSICAL ATTACKS(but one). The only thing that makes her afraid are "the daggers", they are full of hate . Looks?: She has dark black hair (you cant see much) and she has got a cute pink outfit that fools enemies into thinking she is weak. She is fully supportive so she can be deadly useful or not, depending on the team. 

      Skills: *Guard(R) **Fake Armour(E) Stalwart(N) Indomitable Will(L)  GB:Love Curse***

      *Guard: Same as Protect but cooldown lasts just 1 turn (in exchange for her lacking attacks).

      **Fake Armour: The Guard Resists [10/15/20/25/30]% of damage from magic, but is 30% weaker to daggers. {Rank E}

      Weapon Type


      Armor Type Plate
      Headgear Type Helm
          • "A love curse that makes everyone heartbroken" Really balanced, she can actually guard an ally per turn. The only way she can deal some damage is with love curse. Simmilar to Contagion, it stings male caracters for a percent of damage and female for a lower percent of damage per turn. 

      Personal Notes: Supportive Character. New Class, Maybe? New Concept. Cute character and tanky in every sense. She doesnt have attack, but she cant be perfect. 


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    • Here's my idea, hope you like it :) NAME: Void Queen

      Race: Human

      Gender: Female

      'Bio/Info: ''Bow down before me' A princess that once protected her people, became consumed  with power after she inherited the throne. She continued to protect her people but with magic. She was betrayed by her subjects and now she protects only those who are still loyal to her with her twisted magic.

      Appearance: Long white hair with small crown, black and gold robes with purple staff in one hand.

      Skill: Soul Eater (Battle Skill): Deal [75/80/85/90/100] damage to all enemies in a small area for 3 turns.

      • Skill Range: 4-Tiles
      • Cool-down: 3 Turns
      • Void (Limit Break): Deal [90/95/100/150/200] damage to all enemies and heals her HP by 20% for every enemy left on the map.
        • Break Range: Whole Map
        • Pattern: Damage All (enemies)
        • Pasives
        • Wisdom: This hero gains [5/10/15/20/25]% bonus EXP. {Rank R}
        • Swift: Increase in-battle skill by +[10/20/30/40/50] (Flat amount). {Rank R}
        • Shadow amplifier: Increase in-battle magic by +[20/30/40/50/60] (Flat amount). {Rank N}
        • Quick Shadow: This hero gains a [40]% chance to avoid non human attacks but it's weaker to human attacks by 10/20/30/35/40% {Rank E}
        • Close Circle:Allies within 3 tiles gain +[10/20/25/30/35]% bonus defense {Rank M}
        • Night Falls: This unit gains 10/15/20% defense for all adjacent ally. {Rank C}
        • Dark Gift: The Queen deals 10% more damage {Rank L}
        • Weapon Type: Staff
        • Armor Type: Tunic
        • Head gear: Crown                                                                                              
        • Stones: 2 king stone, 1  mage stone
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    • Hi ECG! This is my hero suggestion.

      Dark Mage

      Skill batle: Can revive a dead ally. But then after the match is over, that ally will be dead and will need time to revive. Cool - down: 4 Rounds


      Resistance: Increase in-battle magic by +[10/20/30/40/50] (Flat amount). {Rank R}

      Wisdom: This hero gains [10/15/20/25/30]% bonus EXP. {Rank N}

      Magic Aura: Allies within 2 tiles gain +[5/10/15/20/25]% bonus magic. {Rank E}

      Charisma Aura: Allies within 2 tiles gain+[5/6/7/8/10]% hit and crit. {Rank M}

      Lighter Armor: Increase in-battle movement by +[1]. {Rank C}

      Limit Brake: Revive a dead ally and grants +[20/30/40/50/70]% bonus damage and defense for the ally. {Rank R/N/E/M/C}

      Accuraty: 85% Dodge: 10% Crit: 0%

      Hero Information Race Human Rarity Limited Movement Range 4-Tiles Minimum Attack Range 1-Tile Maximum Attack Range 3-Tiles Promotion and Equipment Stones 1 King Stone, 1 Mage Stone, 1 Acrobat Stone Weapon Type Staff Armor Type Robe Headgear Type Hat

      -- My ID account: 3035141

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    • First chance submitting hero. I know there are a ton of idea out there so I tried to look through and didn't see anything similar:

      Hero Name/Class and Race : Medusa

      Back-Story/Lore:  Insert plot with snakes and statues, you know her history so I won't waste time here

      Weapon and Description : Staff

      Skills and Limit Break(discriptive) :

      Skill: Snake Slither:

      Target is a line where it turns enemies into stone causing them to lose 10/20/30/40/50% health remaining.

      stone property: lose next turn but become invincible for that turn.

      Limit Break: Stone Gaze:

      Target is a square infront of Medusa and effects units starting with 1/2/2/3/4 rows like a triangle coming from square infront  like a less than symbol that gets larger each level < and deals 20/30/40/50/75% of enemy health and causing them to turn to stone. 

      Area of Effect visual:




      Medusa [x] [1][2][3][4]


      '                            [3][4]'

      '                                [4]'

      Remaining Skills:

      Stone Skin [C]-  When attacked by Ranged Units, chance for enemy to turn to stone 5/10/15/20/25%

      Stone Armor [L] - When attacked by Melee Units, chance for enemy to turn to stone 10/20/30/40/50% and enemy unit loses 5/10/15/20/25% health.

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    • Stitched(undead)

      a soulless monstrosity that tears apart all living things in its path for sustenance, the stitched cannot equip weapons although it can perform mellee attacks with its claws.

      hero skill: ESSENCE DRAIN all adjacent enemies take (30,40,50,60,70) damage and the reaper gains (30,40,50,60,70) health for every enemy drained, cooldown: 4.

      recruit passive: MIGHT the normal damage boosting passive.

      recruit passive: ACROBATICS the normal dodge and crit boosting passive.

      limit break: REAPERS WRATH deal (100,115,130,145,160)% damage to an enemy within 3 spaces of you, they can only move one space per turn for the next 3 turns.

      elite passive: FURY perform (1,2,2,3,3) attacks, you have a (5,10,15,20,25)% chance to perform an extra attack, deal (50,50,40,30,30)% less damage.

      master passive (already unlocked): DISSOLVE lose (45,40,35,30,25) health per turn, you cannot be brought below 10% health this way, whenever an enemy dies within 2 spaces of you completely replenish your health.

      legendary passive: GASH attacks apply "drained" to enemies for 2 turns, this causes their shielding to drain by 10% per turn and their movement to be reduced by one space

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