Ursoc Manhunter
Enemy Information
Race Ursoc
Movement Range 4-Tiles
Attack Type Ranged
Minimum Attack Range 2-Tiles
Maximum Attack Range 4-Tiles

Ursoc Manhunter Edit

Wielding his deadly Warbow, the Ursoc Manhunter is adept at hunting the most dangerous game.

Battle Skill Edit

  • Bear Trap: The Manhunter tosses a trap to snare a hero for 1 turn and prevent dodges.
    • Skill Range: 1-Tile
    • Cool-down: 3 Turns

Behavior in battle Edit

The Ursoc Manhunter is slightly faster than his Ursoc bretheren and his bow packs quite a punch. When in range of an injured unit, he will throw a Bear Trap, trapping them in place for a turn.

Tips: Edit

  • When facing a group of Ursoc, take these guys down first or they will quickly corner you.
  • His range is shorter than that of an archer or sniper. Use this to your advantage to take him out from a distance.
  • Try to keep any injured units out of his range or he will trap them in place, allowing stronger units like Ursoc Bashers to catch up.